Horta Museum

One of the museums that might not be at the top of your list when you think of Brussels is the Horta Museum, although Victor Horta is the most important art nouveau architect and his buildings are well recognised in the streetscape of Brussels. Therefore, I thought it was a good idea and about time that I paid a visit to this museum of one of Brussels’ most famous art nouveau architects.

Visiting dinosaurs in Brussels

For this one, I used my younger cousins as an excuse to visit the museum. As a good elder cousin I am :p, I took them to the Museum of Natural sciences in Brussels. Not only I could finish my school project, I also got rid of the boredom of which my fellow travellers were suffering from. One of my cousins wants to become a scientist now, how ambitious.


Chocolade .. dit onweerstaanbare zoete genot dat elk jaar duizenden fijnproevers naar het hart van onze prachtige hoofdstad trekt .. Wie aan Brussel denkt, denkt meteen aan de vele chocoladewinkels die elk hun eigen specialiteit aanbieden, gaande van pralines tot repen met de meest bedwelmende aroma’s. Zelfs restaurants worden aangemoedigd om gastronomische creaties aan te […]

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