About Wandermust

Wandermust is a students’ travel magazine. It is a place where students in Tourism and Leisure Management from the Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Erasmushogeschool Brussel) share their experiences with discovering and exploring their ever expanding wanderlust. A wanderlust that is so deeply entrenched with their ‘selves’ that it becomes a ‘wandermust’. 

This blog counts as the flagship of the first year students’ experiences in and around Brussels. Some being born and raised in Brussels themselves, others commuting daily between home and school, and yet other ones spending their weekends at home, while using their student’s flat as gateway during weekdays. Some preferring a package holiday in a fancy all-in resort, others swearing by their backpack in off-the-beaten-track places. Some aspiring a job in aviation, others wanting to become a travel consultant ‘on the move’, and yet others hoping for a position in the recreational branche. It goes without saying that all of these profiles result in a curious melting pot of different relationships with and impressions of Brussels.

Het is precies deze diversiteit die zo centraal staat op Wandermust. De verhalen op deze blog gelden als directe weerspiegeling van de verschillende manieren waarop de studenten omgaan met de stad, in de taal waarin dat voor hen het meest comfortabel aanvoelt. Met hun schrijfsels willen de studenten zowel medestudenten als reizigers in Brussel en daarbuiten inspireren. Wandermust omhelst een breed scala aan blogposts, van makkelijk verteerbare ‘listicles’, via reviews en persoonlijke verhalen, tot profielstukken van fascinerende figuren.


Enjoy! #wandermustehb



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