Wasbar, where food and laundry come together!

Do you love a radiant wash and a nice dinner? Then the Wasbar is the ideal place for you! Located in the heart of Brussels, this cozy bar will impress you with its delicious food. From bagels, potato fries to homemade pie that will enchant you with its sweet taste. With its summer terrace and pleasant interior, you come here every season with a blissful feeling.

With its innovative technology, wasbar takes you into a new concept. At the table you will find a code that you can scan, and which will present you a menu. You order your desired dish and a moment later all this goodness is before your eyes. The excellence of all this food and the courteous service alone are a reason to go here with your loved ones.

A real must eat is the Queen Elizabeth bagel. It is a crispy bagel ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With the rich flavor of eggs with bacon mixed with creamy mayonnaise and a vitamin source of greens, this is truly a hit. Each dish is served with something delicious. The potato wafers melt in your mouth from the rich flavor they contain. With your chosen dish, you can choose from numerous homemade cocktails or drinks. The homemade teas always contain tasty herbs or fruits that make your taste buds bubble. If you are not a big eater and you prefer to enjoy the little things in life, then this place is also an attraction for you! You can enjoy both small and larger portions of finger food to snack on in between and then drain your fingers. Is this perhaps not for you and do you rather seek out the sweet sins? Then they have a very extensive range of homemade cakes, muffins and pancakes.

During your rich brunches, dinners or fun conversations with others, you can transform your dirty laundry into nice-smelling, soft and clean laundry. For 7.50 euros you can enjoy a washed and dried laundry with all kinds of products that are available in the bar. Every Monday you only pay 5 euros for washing and drying. While waiting, you can use the WIFI here to work or enjoy a nice dinner. They use as many sustainable products as possible and think about the climate. You will find various washing products and fabric softeners with a wide range of scents and colors.

Think about this one for a minute while washing your clothes:

“Wat was was, voordat was, was, was?”

Jinte Spruyt

Are you going to enjoy the laundry bar for the first time like me? Definitely do, you will be overwhelmed by all the goodies that are available.

Every student enjoys a substantial discount when showing his student card.

Enjoy it and let your taste buds be overwhelmed by all the goodies.

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