“By order of the Peaky Blinders”

The Peaky Blinders… Does this name ring a bell?

Stijn Vanderbeelen

Maybe you know them from the world famous Netflix series “Peaky Blinders”? Or maybe it’s from the historical street gang of the same name that inspired the series? No? Well if you don’t know them yet, it’s not too late. And what could be better than a peaky blinders-themed festival to really live the peaky blinders experience and fully immerse yourself in learning about this historical universe…

“Thé Dansant” organize original Sunday afternoon parties at unique locations in Belgium. They claim to have the best electronic music and encourage people to come and dress according to their theme. As you can guess the theme they chose for their latest tea dance is… (drumroll) Peaky Blinders of course!


The Peaky Blinders were a mafia based in Birmingham, England, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Historians argue that it is more either the generic term for a mafia or a subculture of Birmingham’s impoverished youth. The Peaky Blinders had a distinguishable dress sense and wore flat caps. They also wore tweed suits, checkered patterns, heavy wool dark coats and penny collar shirts. The attire of the girls mainly consisted of pearls, large fringe and silk handkerchief covering their necks.

Being a big fan of the series and adoring all the films that are from this time period; it was an event that I could not miss. My friends and I therefore took our flap caps and left for this party. The event took place at Castle de Grand-Bigard where a car like in the 19th century was parked at the entrance. Once the venue of the castle crossed, you have the impression of traveling through time. Everyone there was dressed like in the time period of the Peaky Blinders and even the smokers used the long cigarette holders of the time. People were dancing like in the hysterical but legendary parties of the “The great Gatsby” movie. The only thing that reminded us that we weren’t actually in the 19th century, was the electronic music that echoed on the dance floor.

Inès Cambier

I advise you to eat before going. There are stalls that offer Italian food or hamburgers but the prices are pretty high for very little portions and a taste that could be better. I also advise you to install payconic to put money on your festival card for if you want to eat or drink. Otherwise you can only pay by card and by amount of minimum 50 euro.

Inès Cambier

One of the things I loved the most about the event was the atmosphere in the restrooms. Yes, you understood well; in the restrooms! DJ “Papa feels good” entertains the crowd like no other. He stayed behind his DJ turntable from start to finish and the crowd waiting to go to the toilet was cheering him on the whole time. I’m pretty sure I heard some people on the toilet cheering along

If this review makes you want to participate in one of Thé Dansant’s many events, don’t hesitate to visit their facebook page and subscribe. You will be kept informed of all their new events. Make sure to not miss the next one and to be dressed according to the theme.


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