A true bliss for every tea fanatic

You probably know the feeling of going into the crowds after a school or working day when you go home. You are in a hurry, you want to go home as quickly as possible instead of rewarding yourself for the hard work you perform every day. There is no shame in not being able to resist a warm herbal drink, because it is just satisfying and is also beneficial for our health. It stimulates blood pressure, reduces anxiety and contains antioxidants. It is often in cloistered streets where you can relax and enjoy a tempting cup of tea with the addition of delicious pastries just like in the Pepper Mint Tea Room in Brussels. Highly recommended if you are near the center of Brussels an on your way to pay a visit to the famous Manneken Pis or Grand Place.

Come in and enjoy

Pepper Mint Tea Room is a semi-detached house with a multicolored facade that immediately arouses curiosity with every passerby. Although they also supply homemade quiches and hot dishes at home, I decided to make my way through the entrance. I immediately realized that it was the right choice. The overwhelming selection of different breakfast dishes, pizzas, savory pasties, cold starters, salads, pasta dishes, daily suggestions, sweet cakes, ice creams and soup offer something for everyone with a big or small appetite. In addition, the most remarkable thing about this idyllic place is that the tea menu offers a choice of 23 different teas available in a teapot for up to 4 people.

©Lance VDD

Do not hesitate to enter and be welcomed by the enthusiastic and dynamic team of two young ladies who serve you fluently in English and French. Take a seat at one of the charmingly decorated tables or take advantage of the possibility to let yourself sink into one of the three low black single seats. You won’t regret it for a second.

The relaxing interior

The bright part of the tea room is illuminated with white, pointed lamps suspended from the ceiling, offering the opportunity to have a maximum capacity of 23 people at the same time. The green houseplants on the window frame, the presence of candles and mini cacti on the dark brown tinted wooden tables and some black and white photos on the wall guarantee a calming effect. On the left is a matte black cupboard that gives you the opportunity to buy a tea set, teacup and even the various teas that are available. A true tea lover can quietly continue the personalized experience in the living room after the visit.

© Lance VDD

Enjoy tea and sweet pastries

Since it is not easy to make a choice from the extensive tea card, you can appeal to the advice of the helpful waitresses. You should definitely try out the ‘reine the forets.’ It’s a fine fruity mix including tulsi herb, apple, green rooibos, ginger, pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and orange.
From the moment your tea is served on a plate with a matching teapot, the hot tea vapor rises through your nasal cavities so you can experience the soft aromas. It’s a soft tea with a strong fruity touch that immediately gives you the impression that you are resting in an oriental country.
For a worthy price of 5 euros, you can experience it yourself.

©Aurélie Spinette

In addition, Pepper Mint Tea Room also has a fully open kitchen that gives you, as a customer, insight into the culinary preparation of the dishes. The ‘cheese cake speculos framboise’ is the ideal addition to the ‘reine the forets’, because of the sweet, sticky raspberry taste and the crunchy of speculoos as the casing of a cheese cake. You will once again be surprised by the combination of both choices.

Additional information:

Adress: Rue des Grands Carmes 11, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Phone: +32 2 513 16 18

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM – 6:30 PM

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