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Forget the monotonous beach holidays and entirely enjoy the experience of a snowboarding holiday in Italy. The unspoiled nature of the ski and snowboard areas fulfill all your wishes for a perfect winter holiday. Unforgettable memories and  adrenaline rushing during the descent of a track ensure that you will absolutely not regret it.

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Nowadays, many winter sports fanatics decide to snowboard instead of skiing. This is a very sensible decision, because this delightful activity is always an exciting experience which involves descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard attached to a rider’s feet. In addition, it has also been an Olympic sport since 1998 and was recognized as a Paralympic sport in 2014. Moreover, it’s practiced worldwide in numerous outdoor and indoor ski slopes. This gratifying sport is especially attractive for young people around the age of twenty and has its origins in surfing, skiing, sledding and skateboarding.

The equipment that will make your snowboard experience safe and relax

To ensure the safety of every rider, it is extremely important to have the right equipment at your disposal to avoid possible accidents while you are descending a slope. However, you would not be the first to be repatriated by a major accident with consequences such as a concussion, broken limbs or, in worst case, death. Being well prepared before you enthusiastically enter the slopes are of great importance to minimize your anxiety. In this way, you immediately reduce the chances of injuries and accidents.

First of all, you need to wear the appropriate clothing to go snowboarding. This is very essential to protect you from falling and the cold. It’s highly recommended to wear a thermal base layer on your top and bottom half underneath a windproof and water-resistant snowboarding jacket and trousers to prevent you from getting cold and wet on the slopes.
Also, water-resistant and insulated gloves are recommended to evade freezing fingers, because you continually come into contact with snow. In addition, warm and synthetic socks are the best way to keep your feet warm during the day. The fact is that snow reflects the sunlight, which undoubtedly causes blindness. Because of this, it’s fundamental to arrive on the slopes wearing snowboard glasses which are firmly attached to your helmet. Even when there is a lot of fog, this provides a better view Wearing a helmet is the wisest choice to protect your brain, which is unquestionably the most important organ in your entire body. Finally, you’ll definitely need a snowboard with binders and snowboard boots. Double-check to grab the right sizes to avoid unwanted pain or discomfort. All this equipment can be found in the Belgian sports shops such as Decathlon and Go-Sport or rented at the adjoining ski resort. People who are familiar with the right sizes of their clothing can of course also obtain their necessary equipment through online shopping.

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Besides the summer lovers there are of course also people who prefer to breathe the fresh mountain air and the beauty of nature through booking a snowboard holiday. SKIARENA KLAUSBERG and SKI RESORT SPEIKBODEN are ski areas located in South Tyrol in Italy which both offer a wide range of ski and snowboard runs for everyone who longs for an adventurous and satisfying winter holiday. In this travel guide you will be immersed in the engaging experiences and daily activities of a snowboarder. Another tourist asset of South Tyrol is the presence of 17,000 kilometers of walking and hiking trails, 600 kilometers of valley cycle paths, 400 castles, manor houses and noble country houses and 80 museums.

The top areas for snowboarding in Italy

The two most terrific ski arenas of South Tyrol in Italy are doubtlessly SKIARENA KLAUSBERG and SKI RESORT SPEIKBODEN. They both offer many opportunities to get in touch with the unspoiled nature in the mountains, the endless descents, restaurants and cafes. The passionate winter sport enthusiasts who cannot get enough of it, obviously have the possibility to go out until the early hours in the various lively après-skis, mostly crowded with people from Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy.


Due to the availability of 38 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes, this area is flooded with people and attracts a large number of snow-seekers every year. At the top of this snow area, there is a 700 meter long Fun Park specially designed for snowboarders to perform amazing speeds and tricks. The installation of modern and fast elevators ensures that you can quickly go back up a few kilometers to lose as little time loss as possible. In total there are 7 different efficient lifts that allow you to head down and explore the mountain range, filled with a barrage of pine trees, steep descents and the other active skiers and snowboarders, at your own pace. Furthermore, there are also many other activities that are not immediately linked to snowboarding. They offer you admirable food and beverages in six various restaurants on the mountains, a team that is responsible for teaching beginners as well as advanced snowboarders and even an après ski at an altitude of 2000 meters that takes place in a unique glass igloo. Also for the people who want to imagine the life of an Inuit, there is an undeniable offer where it is possible to spend the night in a mountain igloo. You can consider it as a location where cold dreams heat up and where adventures are no longer a dream, but reality. In addition, you can experience the longest sled run in all South Tyrol, observe a stunning mountain landscape if you choose for paragliding or tandem flying. Nature lovers who do not want to come in contact with the hustle and bustle of skiers and snowboarders can discover the various snowshoe hiking tours on the mountain peaks.

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This mountain area contains 30 kilometers of  groomed snow-covered slopes and is suitable for young and old. The children have the ability to enjoy a wonderful descent of the Dino-Funline which includes a six meter high frightening T-Rex. Families with children are also exposed to the longest Alpine roller coaster in all of Italy, namely the Klausbergflitzer. This terribly fast attraction hurtles down for a distance of 1,800 meters and reaches a speed up to 40 kilometers per hour. The lovely aspect is that you can operate your cart yourself by simply controlling the lever. You will definitively not regret this marvelous experience! Besides, SKIARENA KLAUSBERG also uses the latest technology of ski lifts, K-EXPRESS, which are useful to offer space for 6 people and their skis and snowboards. Moreover, the younger generation can enjoy themselves at the top of the area with the Funtaklaus Funpark. With the usage of the many boxes, rails and kickers, snowboarders of every difficulty level experience a magnificent time. The tourists who decide to visit this area have everything they desire by the high quality ski rentals and well-functioning shuttle service.

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It’s self-evident that snowboard enthusiasts only can exercise during the winter season when the numerous slopes are covered with a sufficiently thick layer of snow. When there is too little snow or the temperatures are too hot, it is unfortunately impossible to practice winter sports.

The winter season kickoff in SKI RESORT SPEIKBODEN is on 1st December 2018 and uninterrupted till Sunday, 28th April 2019 (included). The opening hours of these modernized ski lifts are respectively from 9 am until 5 pm.

Why would you hesitate to successfully spend your time in one of these incredible snow areas in Italy instead of the old-fashioned snow areas in France, Austria or Switzerland?

Top places to stay in South Tyrol

Feldmilla, designhotel, Hotel Alte Muehle and Alphotel Stockers are less than five minutes away from SKI RESORT SPEIKBODEN, which is definitely a breathtaking winter sports area.

In order not to waste time unnecessarily and to take full advantage of the money spent, it is advisable to book a hotel close to the ski areas. Hotel Sonja, Gourmet Alpin Hotel Sonnleiten and Sporthotel Klausberg are all places within walking distance of SKI ARENA KLAUSBERG.
If you prefer to find peace and want to enjoy possible morning and or evening walks, make sure to book a charming room in the Ferienhotel Mair. This residence in Kematen is run with love and passion and includes full board. It has largely an Austrian interior that is suitable for families with children, students, disabled due to the presence of a playground, well-kept rooms, dining room, sauna and lifts. Nature lovers can walk along stony hiking trails to observe waterfalls at a 20-minute walk from this charming hotel. Its spacious and modern furnished rooms with TV, bathroom and minibar, single and double beds with a terrace overlooking the misty and massive mountains make sure you are on the slopes with full energy every day. At breakfast, lunch and dinner you can always use the salad bar to supplement your plate with vegetables.

The winter season kickoff in SKIARENA KLAUSBERG is on 2nd December 2018 and nonstop till 8th April 2019.The opening hours of these expeditious ski lifts are daily from 8:30 am till 4 pm.

Top places to stay in South Tyrol

In addition to descending with a snowboard tied to your feet, après-ski is a very favored tradition for every winter sportsman. However, this is the ideal opportunity to get to know new people from all regions. There is also a lot of laughter, partying and a lot of alcohol enters the body through the many alcoholic drinks. People who do not drink alcohol or are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages will not be bored for a moment because of the ever-present atmosphere and conviviality. The bars always guarantee a wide range of hot drinks, soft drinks, spirits, beer, and wine. It is certainly recommended to try Jägermeister. This herbal liqueur ensures satisfaction every time before you leave the pub.

Hexenkessel Almpub in SKI ARENA KLAUSBERG is undeniably the place to be to regain strength after an exhausting day. The interior of pine wood immediately creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and provides a home feeling. This building located at the entrance servers both as pub, disco and après-ski. It’s an immense success because of the favorable opening times. There are also night buses that safely bring partygoers back to their hotel. A ticket only costs 2 euros.

Opening hours: Monday: 1 pm – 1 am, Tuesday: 1 pm – 1 am, Wednesday: 1 pm – 1 am, Thursday: 1 pm – 1 am, Friday: 1 pm –  2 am, Saturday: 1 pm – 2 am, Sunday: 1 pm – 1 am

Also, the extensive drinks menu will not disappoint you either. Of course, there’s a wide range of wine, Irish coffee, beer, cocktails, Water, soft drinks and energy drinks. You often see partygoers in lederhosen and dirndl on the varied music with half a liter or even a liter of beer in their hands.

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