5 reasons why you should start boxing in Brussels Boxing Academy

Have you ever heard about a boxing club near the city center of Brussels ? BBA, also known as Brussels Boxing Academy, is a boxing club from the age of 6 and up. From the moment you enter BBA, you see the diversity of different ages, nationalities and genders.  Being a part of this boxing club, has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  I’ll give you 5 reasons why to join this boxing club in Brussels.

1.  It’s all about motivation 

Motivation is essential in life. Boxing can help you because it’s a sport where you try to stay on your feet and fight back. You might be knocked down 7 times but get up 8 times. Every day is a challenge to pursue your goals and stay motivated, even if you lose. Making the right choices isn’t always easy. You have to be determined if you want to achieve your goals. Boxing requires a lot of concentration, because it’s important to show the best version of yourself. It teaches you how to fight and win, but equally how to accept a defeat. It doesn’t matter what your level or insider knowledge of boxing is, or what strength you have. At BBA you’ll learn step by step what the basic of boxing is and you’ll obtain the necessary basic condition that is essential for every boxer.

2.  Boxing requires discipline 

If you don’t have the discipline, you can forget about success. That’s a key, to keep going on when it hurts because life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve. Boxing teaches you the importance of being punctual, being on time for every training and having a positive attitude, while working hard. You need to maintain regular work out and also a diet, which requires discipline. Furthermore, you must be disciplined during sparring and actual events because if you aren’t, you could get hurt or you end up hurting someone else. Learning to box teaches you respect as well for others and yourself.

3.  Deep courage

Courage is the willingness to face fear, physical pain, and intimidation. Boxing is not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hurt and still keep going. Courage is to fight until the end and to not give up. People who box, rarely start the fight first or bully others, especially the weaker ones. They always act in self-defence because they understand that it’s dangerous, and that they could hurt somebody. Boxers mostly stay calm and try to resolve problems peacefully rather than engaging in fight. The coach always gives the necessary instructions that you have to follow up. He comes regularly to give some tips and positive criticism about the newly learned technique. That’s also a sign of courage.

© Vincent Van Wesemael

4.  Working as a team 

Team spirit is an important aspect of this sport. It isn’t always about being the best, participating with competitions and to win prices. It’s also about practicing a lot with your partner or as a part of a team. You learn to respect your partner and protect him as well. You support your team and you do your best to contribute to the team achievement. At the end of the training, the team spirit increases by giving a high five to congratulate the delivered performance. You feel more confident and proud of yourself and the team.

5.  Boxing teaches patience 

The most important part of this sport is often neglected. It’s actually one of the keys to be successful and that is patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight but sometimes it requires years of hard work and efforts. Boxing teaches patience, how to accept failures and move on without losing hope. You might perhaps lose a fight or two. But if you put your whole heart in it, you’ll get passed the obstacles and win. Not only in boxing but also in your daily life. A boxer is used to give all the energy he has in his body. If you want to achieve one or more goals in life, you definitely should use boxing strategies. If you can handle all those techniques, you can become whatever you want.  

So what are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone and try on a new challenge. You won’t be disappointed at all.

© Vincent Van Wesemael

‘’Believe in whatever you want to believe and do not be scared. Do not be afraid of being weird, being unique and being your own you. Because that is what matters. You are going to make it if you believe in your goals.” ~Aurélie Spinette

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