Visiting dinosaurs in Brussels

The entrance to the museum of natural sciences in Brussels is already rather inviting with the collection of iguanodon skeletons. As a non-museum lover, I must say this place is a must for every dinosaur fan and families visiting Brussels. It will suit anyone, especially children. Let us be straight forward. As a child, would you reject if your parents or other relative would say “Follow me, I will show you a dinosaur”? I visited the museum with my cousins, who at the time were 6 and 9 years old, they could not believe what they saw.

First impressions

There are lots of impressive and well-preserved visuals that are well presented. Some of the skeletons are even laid out the same way as they were originally found. A trip to this museum might not feel like a museum at all. The audio guides are not boring, compared to the ones in other museums, I had the pleasure to experience. This mostly has to do with the subject of the museum. Dinosaurs have always been fascinating to the humankind. Speaking of, on one of the floors, there is an educative section dedicated to the evolution of the humankind. Some sections even teach you about the environment and the impacts homo sapiens has on it. The adaption and life of animals in cities, such as foxes in the streets of London are also rather clearly explained and visualised. This museum is perfect for people that experience with eyes, not imagination. Because of the visual exhibitions, everything is clear and gives you the exact idea of how you got to picture these creatures.

The evolution of other animals is also visualised and is certainly interesting for some of us, but the dinos are the main reason why people would visit the museum. Especially the massive bone structure that is just as three floors tall and can be seen from any spot is quite impressive. It brings the size and the height of the creature to life. The bones only give the visitors already an image of the strength and force those powerful reptiles had. Besides fossils of living creatures, you can find other rocks, fossils and minerals around the museum. All of them are authentic, of course. Some of them are allowed to be touched.

Some practical info

Taking pictures is allowed without flashes and tripods, so you can immortalize your experience. What’s more, there is a gift shop where you can buy a minimalized version of your favourite dinosaur or animal. A regular ticket for adults will cost you €7, for students and youth (17-26) and seniors (65+) – €6, children (6-17) – €4.50. The opening times are schemed quite evenly but there are some exceptions, especially during the pandemic. I would recommend you visit the original website of the museum when you plan your trip. From my own experience, I can say it is easily accessible, if you use public transport. The building is not far located from the subway station. There might be trouble finding a parking spot, since I did not see any private parking lots reserved to the museum visitors.

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