“The Mima museum gave new meaning to contemporary & art.”

The still new Mima museum located in Molenbeek is not to be missed in Brussels. It is not an old-fashioned museum where you find mainly old and obvious works of art.

Molenbeek is a city that is rarely in the news for positive things, but I am convinced that the Mima museum has completely turned the city’s reputation around. The museum is different from the others, in fact she has merged the words “contemporary” & “art” and given it a whole new meaning. A museum that does everything it can to stay fresh thanks to its constantly varied exhibitions.

It all started with the City light and has had 7 successful exhibitions in between. The exhibitions mostly include street art and artworks by people who are not professional artists. I personally came here with the Erasmus University; I was a bit anxious about it because during the week we had already visited several museums and I did not find any of them interesting.

Once our tour began my attention was immediately drawn. We started in the room with a special chair. The guide asked who would like to be in it I immediately volunteered without question. she kept asking someone to do or perform something. The interaction between the guide and the visitor was very pleasant and partly responsible for the fun experience. There were some art works that I thought were better than art works found in the old-fashioned museums. The artworks were not obvious which made it so enjoyable. What I saw in a particular artwork was not what others saw in that same artwork. Some of the artworks were touching others were very humorous. What I found so special about this experience was that all the artworks were made by artists who have been doing this for a hobby.

The entrance is 9.50€ but a little tip if you go to the Meininger hotel next to the museum you can get a brochure and have a 2€ discount on your entry ticket.

“Small but effective”

The museum is best small but look at it from the other way, now you have enough time to see the artworks properly. After a nice tour you can enjoy a coffee or cake on the ground floor. Almost all works of art are temporary and disappear at the end of the exhibition, so the perfect reason to visit the museum several times. The museum is also highly recommended for children. And people in wheelchairs can also visit the museum via the elevators.

The museum is a unique experience for everyone.

Marie Garba


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