With beers, people will party…

Et sûrement que dès ce soir le ciel couvrira une tempête
Mais après l’orage, avec des bières, les gens feront la fête

Bruxelles, je t’aime, Bruxelles, je t’aime
Tu m’avais manqué

Bruxelles Je T’aime – Angele

These are the words of a fragment of the song “Bruxelles Je t’aime” by Angele.

And surely that tonight the sky will cover a storm

But after the storm, with beers, people will party

Where to go when thunder rumbles in the sky and you want to spend an unforgettable night? Well grab your glass of beer (or water) and follow the guide through the clubs and dancing cafes that inhabit some of the best student parties in Brussels.


Inès Cambier

Wooden benches that look a little rusty; a little smell of wet wood at times and strawberry mojito at others; and background music that gets lost in the conversations.

During the day, the mezzo is the perfect place to have a drink and relax with friends. But don’t let this peaceful atmosphere fool you! Once the night falls; the place transforms into an evening like no other… The music gets louder and the crowd gets crazier. Students from all over Brussels and from different backgrounds meet there at nightfall to dance to the diverse music until the early hours.

Located in the heart of Brussels, in the Saint Géry district, the Mezzo Bar, which was somewhat unknown at the time, is now very well known among students for its memorable evenings. If you go there during happy hour (between 3 and 10 p.m.) you will receive two cocktails for the price of one.

  • Borgval 18, Brussels 1000 Belgium
  • 0484 40 01 19
Inès Cambier

La Jefke

You are a student and you want to experience a real life Belgian university party? Well take your friends and your student card (to get discounts on your drinks) and go to one of the many TD’s (Tea-Dance) organized at “La Jefke”.

Once the door of this café; located next to the ULB crossed, you will be met with the resonant laughter of the feasting students. Once you quenched your thirst at the long wooden counter; you will be met with a kicker table and a dart board available to customers. This is also how most students decide who pays for the next round. So if you and your friends decide to play the game, be careful not to lose; because it can be a hit to the wallet!

And once the party begins, we follow the rhythm of the music and we dance until we can no longer feel our feet! It is a student tradition to end the night by eating a machine gun (sandwich stuffed with meat and fries) after the party.

  • ULB – Campus de la Plaine
  • Boulevard du Triomphe
  • 1040  Etterbeek  – Brussels –  Belgium

Madame Moustache


Madame Moustache… An atypical name for an atypical party…

There is often a queue full of people of all universes waiting outside this club at the end of the evening. In the heart of the capital; Madam Moustache welcomes (principally) a crowd of good-natured and open-minded people.

Rock concerts, special theme evenings and shows are often organized there. Depending on the day you will dance the night away to 60’s Rock’n’roll, Balkan & Electro, Folk, Pop or various other Music styles. So check the website for the agenda of the concerts and events.

Le fuse

Trip advisor

This is the place to be in Brussels for techno. If you like this kind of music then the Fuse is a must. It has seen some of the biggest names in the genre play on its turntables.

Le Fuse is a Brussels nightclub created in 1994, specializing in the dissemination of electronic music. It is a recognized reference in the world of techno in Belgium and has seen some of the biggest names in the genre play on its turntables. Charlotte de Witte has for example had a residence there since the mid-2010s.

The place has several rooms that open depending on the events and evenings. Le Fuse is also very famous in the capital of Belgium for its gay evenings.

So choose your evening and come get lost to the beat in this legendary atmosphere.


Located right next to the stock exchange, this karaoke bar is the perfect location for an evening with friends. We often start there with a round of shots to then end the night with a broken voice from singing too much.

On the ground floor there is a stage where you can show off your talents as a karaoke singer. Just ask a song to the DJ and hop on stage.

There are very often student parties upstairs and only students are admitted. So after you’ve done your best karaoke solo, climb up the steps of the wooden staircase and light up the dance floor with your dance moves.

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