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5 unique museums in Brussels

Are you an art fanatic? Do you enjoy visiting a weird museum? Are you into unique sightseeing? Read further to discover five weird and unique museums in the heart of Brussels.

Musical Instrument Museum

The building of the MIM is reason enough to pay a visit to this incredible museum. The mix of Art Nouveau and neoclassical architecture makes this old grand department store very unique. Inside the museum you will find one of the world’s largest collection of musical instruments from different eras and cultures. According to the museum, there are 1100 instruments in total scattered over four galleries.

Musical Instrument Museum

You can find the MIM on the Mont des Arts, surrounded by other iconic Belgian museums. The entrance fee is 10 euro and free on every first Wednesday of the month.


The restaurant on the rooftop offers a breathtaking view of Brussels.

Coudenberg Palace

Not on the Mont des Arts but under it lies the former palace of Coudenberg. The palace owned by Charles V used to dominate over Brussels. It used to be one of the most refined palaces of Europe. Unfortunately, a big fire in the 18th century caused the downfall of the palace of Coudenberg.

Coudenberg Palace

Today, you can visit the remains of the palace which are still intact underground. The fascinating archeologic site offers hidden rooms, vaulted corridors and huge halls. The palace was not the only thing that disappeared underground. The Isabella Street also fell down. You can wander through it and make an enchanting promenade.

The entrance is located in the BELvue museum and the price for a ticket is 7 euro.

Horta Museum

The Horta Museum is about the famous Belgian architect Victor Horta. The two buildings are located in Rue des Américaines in Saint-Gilles. The museum – which is built in Art Nouveau style – used to be Horta’s studio and private house. The museum gives a unique view of his ideas and way of life.

Inside the Horta Musuem

Inside you can find beautiful mosaics, stained glass and wall decorations. Everything inside the museum, furniture, stairs, walls, was designed by Victor Horta himself. The entrance fee for the Horta Museum is 10 euro.

Museum of original figurines

You can’t think about Belgium without thinking about the famous comic strips that were created in our little country. Think about the Smurfs, Asterix & Obelix, Tintin and much more. Hidden in the central station of Brussels lies a museum full of original Belgian strips and more than thousand figurines.

Figurines of the Smurfs

Wander from one part of the museum to the other. They connect from one strip to the other, this way you can discover many different Belgian strip heroes.

Not only Belgian strips are represented in the Moof Museum, you can also find Japanese manga’s and some of the iconic American comic books. The price for a visit is 10 euro, guided visits are available.

Brussels City Museum

The Grand Place of Brussels – listed on the Unesco World Heritage list – is definitely worth wandering through. Here is where you’ll find the famous Brussels City Museum. It contains old maps, paintings, drawings and tapestries from the city. If you want to know more about the history and folklore of Brussels, this is the place to be.

Brussels City Museum

However, the most unique part of the museum is without doubt the wardrobe. It contains the clothes of Brussels most famous icon, Manneken Pis. In this department, you will find approximately 900 costumes from all around the world. Manneken Pis has traditional clothes, costumes for the holidays and special clothing for festivals.

Wardrobe of Manneken Pis

You can visit the museum for 8 euro, or for free on every first Sunday of the month.

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