6 x places to spot a sunset in Brussels

The Holy Trinity for a perfect cheesy summer night? Lovely company, sun-warmed drinks and a stunning sunset: check, check, double check! Whether you are a shopaholic strolling through the shopping streets, an art lover checking out this newest exhibition or just a bon vivant chilling in the park; Bruxelles, Ma Belle offers you a handful of locations to spot the perfect sunset.  #wehavethisthingwithsunsets!

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to encourage you to go outside in the current times of lockdown. After the corona crisis you’ll have plenty of time to discover all the places mentioned below. Stay healthy, happy and home! : -)


With a head full of Bruegel and Magritte, a view on downtown Brussels will digest your laden day of art and culture. Close to the most important museums (e.g. Bozar, Magritte museum and Cinematek) Kunstberg is, especially for tourists, a perfect spot to end your day in a peaceful way watching the night fall. Don’t mind the classic flower sellers and street artists swarming around on your sultry summer night for an even more typical experience. 

Pro tip from a local: afraid Kunstberg might be too cliché and touristy for you, or do you rather want to surround yourself with locals? Fear no more. There are plenty of more spots to discover below! 


After a day of intense shopping, Poelaertplein is the ideal terminus to nestle down on the eclectic balustrades of the square and enjoy a wide view over the city of Brussels. From the famous Atomium to the not-so-famous Hollywood sign of Brussels; open your eyes and let the city sink in!

Pro tip from a local: closing times from shops don’t match sunset time. In the meantime you can take the elevator downhill to de Marollen and wander around in the bustling quarter or go for a refreshing drink in a typical local brown pub. 

On lucky days the Poelaertplein also gets transformed into a huge open-air party celebrating the summer. Be sure to keep an eye on the official site of Brussels for further information about exact dates.

Museum Rooftops

Watching a sunset in the same building as your favorite exhibition? Hell yes! Your evening will be oozing culture. Art lovers easily can stay in their favorite art temple watching the sun go down. Contemporary museums such as the Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA), WIELS and the renowned Music Instrument Museum (MIM) have excellent rooftops offering you a panoramic view over the capital. 

Pro tip from a local: seeing the sun go down from a museum rooftop is (sadly!) only possible on Brussels Museums Nocturnes. On these nights several museums open their doors all evening long, plus you have cheaper access to the exhibitions. Double win! 

Forest Park

For real Brusseleirs a classic one. Both Forest Park and the adjacent Duden Park are during hot summer days a green oasis of tranquility in the midst of the city’s chaos. If you mount up to the highest borders of the park, you will get rewarded with (surprise!) a breathtaking view over the city of Brussels. Ideal for a romantic picnic date at dusk.  

Pro tip from a local: did you know Brussels is one of the greenest capitals in Europe? Besides Forest Park, there are plenty of other parks worth a visit too (e.g. Jubelpark, Warandepark, Ter Kamerenbos and Josaphatpark). 

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Put on your best dress and imagine yourself in a kingly life visiting the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. Open only a few weeks a year, the Royal Greenhouses provide you a marvelous experience between espaliered geraniums and fairylike architecture. A tour circuit guides you through the several greenhouses and the domain offering you majestic vistas over our kingdom (mainly Brussels though). A royal sunset guaranteed! 

Pro tip from a local: due to the limited visiting times, be sure to plan your visit on forehand via the official website to check if the greenhouses are open. 

UPDATE: due to the measures taken to prevent further spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the planned opening of the Royal Greenhouses will not take place in 2020. 


Catching the last rays of sunshine while waiting for your favorite concert to begin? Bring on that endorphin! Situated in the centre of Brussels and surrounded by several skyscrapers, the gardens of Botanique offer you all year round a cosy break from the hustle and bustle from the city. 

Pro tip from a local: Botanique annually organizes Les Nuits, a small scaled music evenement with great line-ups in mid-spring. The festival gives you a sneak-peak of what upcoming summer has in store for you: great music, great sunsets and gooooood times. Check the dates and line-up from this year’s edition on the official website of Botanique. 

UPDATE: due to the measures taken to prevent further spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, Botanique is planning on rescheduling Les Nuits from April 2020 to October 2020. 

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