The 5 most beautiful football stadiums in Brussels

Football in Brussels is always big. Real tradition teams, beautiful stadiums, and big players. So here is my listicle about the five most beautiful stadiums in Brussels.

5. Neerpede

Neerpede is the stadium of the women and youth teams of R.S.C. Anderlecht. This is as well the training facility for the men teams of Anderlecht. The complex houses several grass training fields, physiotherapists, a fitness room, and the administrative business. The complex is also used by the youth teams starting from the U15.

4. Edmond Machtens stadium

The team playing in this stadium is Racing White Daring Molenbeek. The stadium was built in 1919. The team is playing at this point in the first Amateurs Division, which is the third division in Belgium.

3. Joseph Marien stadium

This stadium is home to the current Belgian second divisioner Union. The capacity of the stadium is more or less 8000 people. The front of the stadium is Belgian cultural heritage, which implies that the club cannot renovate it. In the time before the second World War, Union was the biggest club in Belgium. After the war, they lost this status to Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht.

2. Constant Vanden Stock stadium

At the second place is the Constant Vanden Stock Stadion, better known as the Astridpark. This stadium is the home ground of current first divisioner and title challenger Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht. The stadium was opened in 1917. Today, it is still home to the most successful football team of all time in Belgium. The stadium was used in the semi-finals of the European Championship in 1972. This was a game between Hungary and the Soviet Union that ended at a 0-1 victory for the Soviet Union.

1. Koning Boudewijn stadium

My number one is the Heizel, better known as the Koning Boudewijn stadium. In this temple, Belgium plays its games against other national teams. This is a multifunctional football stadium because there is a running track at the side of the field that is used during the well-known Memorial Van Damme. The stadium is not only the central place for sports, but also for culture and music! Every year, numerous famous artists perform on the stadium’s stage. Some of them include artists like Coldplay, U2, and so on.

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