There is no more city like Saint Petersburg in the World. The former capital of the Russian Tsarist is famous for its cultural wealth, elegant architecture, the white nights, and an enormous number of channels, which gave the city its second name, the Venice of the North. Saint Petersburg is a city you can’t miss, it is truly magnificent and it will steal your heart as it already did with millions of people.

What To Do?

Saint Petersburg’s locals looove to WALK ON ROOFTOPS. Therefore this activity has become the must-do for visitors as well!

Rooftop entertainment is a ‘thing’ of the city. The roofs here are saturated with the St. Petersburg spirit and bird’s eye views are unmatched. Lots of leisure spaces operate on rooftops as well as bars and coffee shops.

The best place to see the city’s main Prospect (Nevsky), Kazan Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood, and Griboyedov Canal from above is the roof of the Singer House on Nevsky Prospect, 28. You can book a time slot for visiting the viewing platform here –

Open-air spaces like loft project “Etazhi” on Ligovsky Prospect, 74 ( is another way to enjoy city perspectives and hang out with friends in the creative cluster of St. Petersburg.

You also can join a guided rooftop tour. To do it legally, you better contact verified companies like Panoramic Roof ( or Guideburg ( Beware of suspicious offers, as there are lots of illegal ways to get to the rooftops as well.

You won’t remain indifferent after such an experience!

Where To Unwind?

Discover the New Holland Island, a very popular and I would say “hipster place”. The historic triangular artificial island which was originally built for timber storage has been reopened under the new project of cultural urbanization.

The complex of buildings with unique history surrounded by water visually reminds of the Dutch canals, where the name comes from. An old radio station, uniquely-shaped prison, and a laboratory have been transformed into showrooms space, galleries, lecture halls, and restaurants.

Today, island visitors can enjoy various activities from exhibitions and shopping to sports and eating out. The island also features a wooden playground for children in the form of a historic frigate.

New Holland is a perfect place for a summer picnic by the floating flamingos at the artificial beach or winter skating on the magical ice rink. In other words, this is a must-go all year round open modern place to spend an unforgettable time with friends and family.

AddressAdmiralteyskiy Canal Embankment, 2 Website

Where To Eat?

What could be better than an exquisite breakfast with a panoramic view? You don’t even need to climb to the rooftop anymore! Schast’ye is a restaurant that overlooks Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the main symbols of Saint Petersburg currently functioning as a museum in the city’s heart.

Based on home cooking with a gastronomic twist, Schast’ye, which by the way means ‘Happiness’ in Russian, is not a place to hurry. A balanced between trends and classics menu with original cocktails and wine list are aimed to get friends and family members together in a warm atmosphere. Despite the restaurant’s focus on breakfasts, it’s a great place to have a full meal or just an original confectionery dessert with a cup of tea or coffee during the day.

The restaurant has several locations, however, the one on Malaya Morskaya Street, 24 is the most popular, and it’s not just because of the view. In the building where Schast’ye is placed, there is an Angleterre Hotel, where one of the greatest Russian poets, Sergey Yesenin’s life was tragically cut short. A memorial plaque on the facade still causes dissonance with the restaurant’s happy name and bring people’s attention.

AddressMalaya Morskaya Street, 24 Website

Where To Drink?

There is only one reason I’ll tell you about El Copitas but not any other bar in Saint Petersburg. It is simply the best, standing on 27th position in the World’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list, being the best bar in the whole of Russia.

One of the World’s best agave bars is located in a well-hidden basement on Kolokol’naya Street, 2 where you don’t usually expect such a place to be. You can’t enter the secret bar without reservation as it only fits 25 customers at a time. The bar is known for its incredible hospitality and attention to each individual. At the beginning of the visit, guests are invited to sit around a large table to enjoy their welcoming drink and a fascinating story.

A warm and friendly Mexican atmosphere is not the only aspect that brought a crazy success for El Copitas in cold St Petersburg. A team of passionate professionals comes up with a new cocktail and seasonal ingredients snacks menu every week, which brings unfamiliar delights every time. You can’t go out without trying their taco plate!

AddressKolokol’naya Street, 2 Website

Hope to see you in Saint Petersburg some day!

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