24 hours in Cape Town

Discover the city, try out the local wine and appreciate the local art.

The city of Cape Town is defined by the Atlantic Ocean. Its old port (the port of Cape Town) is a hub for ships in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It’s located along one of the busiest shipping corridors in the world.

Cape Town is South Africa’s biggest city, it is also one of the 3 capital cities in the country. The other 2 capital cities are Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Cape Town however couldn’t be more different than the other 2. Cape Town can be a little rough and hard at times, but the city is very modern, vibrant, and above all, very beautiful. Its world-renowned natural beauty doesn’t come from expensive modern buildings or fancy restaurants, but from colorful houses, beautiful nature and local shops.

Cape Town is a city that is always alive. You will find a lot of impressive street art when you are walking through the streets of Cape Town. Local and international men and women live to express their art on the streets. Their work can be found everywhere in Cape Town.

British Airways operates a direct service from London, taking you to Cape Town in approximately 14 hours. The journey itself will last around 14 hours. Tickets start at 608£ (774$/680€).

So, take a plane, get your sun cream ready. Let’s have an incredible 24 hours in Cape Town.

Some interesting facts

Cape Town is the biggest city of South Africa.

Jan Van Riebeeck became the first commander of the Cape in 1652, many of the people view him as the founding father of their nation.

Currency: South African Rand

Population: 4,430,367

Language: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

The national anthem of South Africa is called the “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

8:00 AM Truth-coffee roasting

There is no better feeling then to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee. So, let’s head over to the truth coffee roasting. This coffee shop was named by The Telegraph in 2016 as the best coffee shop in the world.  There are few cafes in the world as stunning as Truth, a by the Telegraph nominated ‘steampunk inspired’ artisan coffee shop that is filled from top to bottom with metal piping and old machinery.

The aroma of the coffee is great, it has a bit of a sweet taste. Exactly how coffee should be!

The coffee is all hand-roasted in a vintage cast-iron drum, and the company supplies many of South Africa’s top hotels.

If you want to enjoy some of the industrial interior and drink some of the best coffee in the world, then this is the place to be.

36 Buitenkant Street,Cape Town

Source pictures: https://truth.coffee/

9:00 AM- Colorful Houses

The most colorful houses in Cape Town

A few streets further you will find the Bo-kaap. The name Bo-kaap translates to ‘above the Cape’. This place is truly a treat for the eyes. A unique feature of the Bo-kaap is the many lovely bright kaleidoscopic color painted housing. This is not only a vibrant sight to see but also a wonderful atmospheric street to soak up the sun and learn more about the community. The area is known for his unique local culture. A 30-minute walk through the main streets is required to view the houses. The houses are populated by Malaya’s, who migrated to South Africa as workers and ultimately settled here. This is a place where time has stood still. There are mosques dating back to the 1700’s (Auwal Masjid mosque). The oldest original house is now home to the Bo-kaap museum.

To get around you can go on foot or take a sightseeing tour for an easy and safe way to get around Cape Town’s major attractions. Bo-kaap is reachable with the bus.

Wale Street, Cape Town, Bo-kaap neighborhood

Source pictures: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/12384967704694935/?lp=true

10:00 AM Devils peak taproom

You’ve now reached one of South Africa’s most successful craft breweries. It is located in an industrial area. This place is a must visit for pint-lovers and booze-lovers. You can visit this place and taste some of the awesome beers, they have, or you can do a brewery tour and see how the beer was made. It’s completely up to you.

After you’ve done the brewery tour you can taste some of the delicious sandwiches or burgers for a very reasonable price.

Devil’s peak has been at the forefront of the South African craft beer since 2012. They have built a reputation to become one of the country’s leading and pioneering craft brewery.

150 Cecil Rd, Salt River, Cape Town

Source pictures: https://www.facebook.com/Devilspeaktaproom/

11:30 AM Boulders beach

After visiting devil’s peak taproom it’s time to explore the African penguins at one of the loveliest and most popular beaches in the world. Located on the False Bay coastline, just outside of Simon’s town, the beach is home to a massive colony of penguins.

For a small entry fee, you will be able to get access to the penguins and enjoy a swim in the warm waters of the Indian ocean.

There are rangers on patrol every day to make sure this place is safe and clean for picnics. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited as this is a protected nature reserve. 

Boulders Beach Guest House, Cape Town 7975, South Africa

Source pictures: http://www.capetown.travel/visitors/see-do/top-attractions/headline-boulders-beach/

13:00 PM Long street

We are now in the heart of Cape Town, headed for Long street. Browsing the little cafés, boutiques and vintage shops is a classic way to spend the afternoon in Cape Town. During the day the street is full of people visiting the interesting bars and shops that line the street.

Its row of pretty Victorian buildings brings together traditional African crafts, spiritual trinkets and hipster-friendly bars.

Long street could also be described as the funkiest and loudest street in Cape Town. One the vintage shops are closed, attention is turned to the bars, restaurants and pubs.

Long Street, Cape Town

15:00 PM Table Mountain

You are now on Table Mountain. It is South Africa’s most iconic landmark. A trip up this mountain is absolutely worth your time. The views are, of course spectacular (though be warned that cloud cover- known locally as the tablecloth can swoop in very suddenly and obscure it completely).

There are about 2,200 species of plant found on the Table Mountain and 1470 floral species. Many of these plants and flowers are endemic to this mountain.

The flat top peak of the mountain reaches 1,086 m above sea-level but being so close to the sea and to the city its features looks more imposing. 

This place is much more than a scenic photographic background or a place where you can take a breathtaking photo of Cape Town. It’s a place where you can come to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Source pictures: https://www.tablemountain.net/

17:00 PM Kirstenbosch

After a good climb you can visit the Kirstenbosch, which is 20 minutes away from Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch has more than 1000 acres or botanical garden that slopes from the edge of Table Mountain all the all the way to Cape Town’s leafy southern suburbs.

It is regarded as great botanic gardens of the world. Kirstenbosch includes a few dozen of gardens and 2,500 species of plants found on the Cape Peninsula

Kirstenbosch grows only indigenous South African plants. The Kirstenbosch estate covers 528 hectares and supports a diverse fynbos flora and natural forest.

The cultivated garden (36 hectares) displays collections of South African plants, particularly those from the winter rainfall region of the country. The Kirstenbosch Visitors’ Centre includes an information desk and various retail outlets and a coffee shop. The Centre for Home Gardening has outlets for plants and other services to support the home garden.

To immerse yourself in all what the garden has to offer, it is worth taking one of the free guided tours that departs from the visitor’s center at 11AM and 2PM from Monday to Saturday. Source pictures: https://www.sanbi.org/gardens/kirstenbosch/

18:30 PM Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

In late 2017, a new contemporary art museum opened. The museum is located at the V&A waterfront in Cape Town. It is the largest museum of contemporary African art in the world.

The nine-story museum boasts an impressive 9,000 square meters of exhibition space across 80 galleries; a roof-level sculpture garden with glass floor; a restaurant and bar; reading rooms; art preservation and storage space.

the museum has been dubbed the “Tate Modern” of Africa for its sprawling size, boutique architecture, and leading-edge art collection, which includes some of Africa’s biggest names in contemporary art. The different genres as you go up in levels are full of color, design and a variety of media used.

This museum is a great experience to see the variety of artwork and installations from one floor to the next. It presents a truly amazing architectural achievement and goes on to deliver the most Avant Garde exhibitions you can ever experience.

Source pictures: https://zeitzmocaa.museum/

20:00 PM Mama Africa Restaurant

After a busy day It’s time to eat dinner in one of Cape Town’s most iconic restaurants. The restaurant was established in 1995 as celebration of South Africa’s new democracy and hospitality of the continent.

You will find that it gets pretty crowed here because the restaurant usually relies on hordes of tourists.

Mama Africa specializes in typical South African dishes and is situated on the corner of Long Street and Pepper Street.

When you enter through the large wooden doors, the African rhythms of live band Abakhaya float through the colorful restaurant. The place is decorated with wooden carvings of African animals, African masks, paintings and drums. Mama Africa makes you feel African

It is all about the exotic African experience at Mama Africa. Whilst eating on Long Street you will still feel as though you are having lunch or dinner in the middle of Africa.

Source pictures: https://www.mamaafricarestaurant.co.za/

22:00 PM Cape Town lodge hotel

A great day comes to an end. It’s time to relax and go back to the Cape Town Lodge hotel, located in the heart of Cape Town, its it close by the beaches and Table Mountain.

There are 119 rooms of a good Standard with both rooms and suites. The rooms are very comfortable and very modern. Orange and yellow with a combination of neutral colors in the decor of the chambers. Guests have a choice of different bed types to choose from ranging from 2 Single beds (Twins); two Queen size beds.

The suites feature a spacious lounge area with excellent furnishings. This hotel can also provide family rooms for parents travelling with young children. There are also baby cots on request and three wheelchair user accessible rooms are also available.

So, go to bed and look back at today, because you have just spent 24hrs in Cape Town!

101 Buitengracht StreetCape Town 8001

Source: http://capetownlodge.co.za/

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