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It is located in the historic art centre of Brussels, close to Brussels’ most imposing and breathtaking landmarks. The famous “grand place” and “mont des arts” where you can be served with one
of the most archetypal outlooks of Brussels are about 10 minutes walking distance from the Kaffabar.
Now to the real reason why you are here – with a contemporary and an alluring interior, the kaffabar
is a jackpot for all coffee lovers. Dark coloured walls, wooden and marble furniture makes it an ideal
place to relax and to have a cup of coffee, if you are looking for a boost to stay vitalized and steady.
As a coffee lover myself, I know what a good coffee tastes like and trust me if I say kaffabar has one
of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Its coffee beans are sourced from some of the finest roasting
ventures in Europe.
The coffee is brewed in 3 different methods –the French press method, V60 and the chemex method.
On the coffee menu you have cappuccino, espresso martini, espresso tonic, iced cappuccino, latte
macchiato and affogato –an Italian coffee-based dessert.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm
Address: Place Rouppe 1, 1000 Brussels
Contact: +32 (0)498 42 66 84


A place where coffee is the real hero. The coffee beans are derived from south America –these are perceived as having a top-notch quality and the most peculiar taste.   The coffee beans are roasted every week to assure freshness.  With its high roof, black walls and dim lights, it articulates a comfy and a calm ambience –what more would we ask for?

interior, black walls & dim lights : brusselskitchen.com

Unlike other coffee bars, Belga & Co offers perfect Wi-Fi, making it fitting to work on your laptop or browse on your smartphone while enjoying the best coffee in town.   On their coffee menu you have the choice between different varieties of coffee –from expresso to flat white, latte, cortado, and cappuccino just to mention a few.   One thing that makes this place stands out other than the quality of their coffee beans is the choices of milk you get when ordering. For vegans, you still get to enjoy a cup of cappuccino with soymilk, coconut milk, almond milk or oat milk.   Opening hours: every day from 11am to 5pm   Address: Rue du Bailli 7A, 1000 Brussels  Contact: +32 2 6441498 , website: https://www.belgacoffee.com


Initially from the city of Ghent, OR’s Brussels branch is one of my preferred joints for coffee in downtown Brussels. In the neighbourhood of “la Bourse”, a square full of great bars, but somewhat limited on good coffee venues, OR espresso bar is a minimalist modernised café that takes the excellence of its coffee vigorously, roasting its own coffee beans in west Flanders, near Aalst. I fly in there sometimes for a quick cup of cappuccino. 

It’s a delight to perch and read in the larger space up the stairs, thus carry a book along, or borrow one of the booklets and newspapers they arrange for you.   Opening hours: every day from 10am to 5pm   Address: Rue Auguste Orts 9, Brussels  Contact:  +32 (0)2 511 74 00 

Or’s roastry: Orcoffee.be


In the past few years Brussels has been graced with a lot of exceptional coffee joints. Kami is one of the newest additions and after some exploring, it is truly one of my treasured coffee joints in downtown Brussels.  

coffee menuboard: smarksthespots.com

It opened its doors to the public in 2019. Stationed on the bustling “Chaussée de Waterloo”, it’s a corner of zen layout, with its white stone walls, pure wooden seats and off-the-wall art. 

The hero here is their organic coffee which is roasted in Kolonel.  

From the coffee menu the one I cannot resist is their enticing flat white.  

Coffee is an absolute art when you visit Kami –from their beautiful ceramic mugs to their outstanding foam art.  

 Aside from coffee, you can find authentic Belgian beer, hot chocolate and thee –there is everything from everyone.  

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 4pm  Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 355, 1060 Saint-Gilles 

ceramic mug: brussleskitchen.com

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