This brand new concept in the heart of brussels is a real catch. This beautiful food market located in the historic ticket hall of the old ASLK building offers 17 different small restaurants. In the middle of the building, a big bar is located that offers several drinks and cocktails. Equally home made beer is offered. The food market namely has its own micro-brewery that produces 2 different kinds of beer. Wolf has its own all-organic market with zero waste called the food hub. Its philosophy is to create a short food chain which is resilient, socially aware, ecological and economically sustainable. The price tags are put to the next level. They inform you how much of the price goes to the food producers, cost of transport and the store itself.

I’ve visited Wolf 3 months after its opening in November and I have to admit that my first experience was pretty impressive. It already started by entering the charming 5 meter long door made out of glass. The smell of the 17 small restaurants overwhelmed me, I had no idea where to look at first. Everything was so colourful and attractive. So I decided to take a little tour and pass by all of the various stands. All of the food looked smelled so delicious. I decided to go with some Italian pizza. As the tables belong to all the 17 restaurants, you receive some kind of buzzer that buzzes when your food is ready. Even though I usually really hate those buzzers, I think that for the Wolf concept it really is the easiest and most practical solution. The pizza was super tasty. After drinking u little too much I needed to use the bathroom and even that was slightly astonishing, it was beautifully decorated with some chairs and plants. I think the owners of Wolf really have thought this concept through, they paid attention to the smallest details and it definitely pays off.  They have introduced lots of small getaways from the bustling main area to relax after a meal. My favourite getaway is the chilling room located beyond the dining area. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a tasty dinner. I will be back for sure to try out all of the 16 other restaurants and I hope you will too. Because it is worth it.

Opening hours

Wolvengracht 50, 1000 Brussels
Monday closed
Tuesday – Friday: 11.30 am till 7 pm 
Saturday – Sunday: 10.30 am till 6 pm

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