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For students or people on a budget.

Picture: @BFCBelgium

Are you a fan of fast-food? Especially chicken? Well, you’re in luck as I may have found the best chicken restaurant that Brussels has to offer; Best Fish & Chicken (BFC). 

Among the many challenges that students face daily is affordable eating. As a student, it can be a daunting task to find reasonable prices, especially on campus. This is exactly why I have chosen to review this restaurant, as its entire menu is super cheap, making it ideal for those students or on a budget.

All the meat at BFC is both 100% Halal and fresh. As well, their products are produced naturally, and they even deliver. Located in the heart of Brussels, this restaurant is easily accessible. Many people, not just students go there to enjoy a delicious meal at an unbelievable price. Similar to many snacks in the Brussels-Capital-Region, there is plenty of room both inside, and on the patio. The staff there are extremely pleasant and efficient. You never have to wait more than 5 minutes to eat.

BFC really focuses on the quality of their products, hygiene and upkeep of the restaurant, and customer service. They have garnered a very loyal clientele; a direct result of the fine service provided there. As far as future projects go, they are currently looking into expanding this chain both domestically and internationally. Besides opening more locations throughout Belgium, they are looking towards our neighbors, both the Netherlands and Luxembourg to open up more restaurants.

BFC is open 7 days a week from 11:00AM-5:00AM every single day. So, if you ever get a late night craving, they would happy to deliver you a good bedtime snack. You should order via

Below, we have some reviews from customers: 

Photo: Tripadvisor

At this point, I will now tell you about my personal experience being a customer at BFC. Every time I go there, the staff always makes me feel right at home, by welcoming me with a big smile. They are very generous with their portions, as they provide a lot of fries as well additional meat. They also do not charge for drink re-fills, which is a plus.

Here’s the address if you planning to visit and a picture of the first meal I had there, you won’t be disappointed!

Photo: Hajar Haloui
Photo: @BFCBelgium

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