A girly day in Belgium’s capital

Brussel, the city you must see at least once in your life! Walk through its cobbled pathways, which will lead you to its magnificent, authentic and picturesque treasures. Bump into Brussels’ mouth-watering, culinary eateries and taste the best French fries, the delicious waffles, the most exceptional chocolates, … Feel free to unwind in its serene and delightful parcs. Belgium’s capital is a very interesting city to spend some magical time with people you love. Today you will get to know more about Brussels’ secret locations and how to spend some quality-time with your friends in those girly hotspots.

The perfect start

First things first! Start your day at crème Brussel.  A group of four mates dreamed about creating a place where people could eat their lunch and brunch all day. Due to their travel experiences, these young and dynamic people were inspired by Australian gastronomy. This address, which is situated in the heart of the Sablon, invites you to savor their famous açai bowls, the made-with-love avocado toasts, their self-made pancakes, or even those delicious lobster rolls.

©Crème Brussel

All day breakfast and lunch, inspired by Australian food scene. We focus on good ingredients, good vibes and good people.

Crème Brussel

It is a place which has an atypical decoration that will be for sure loved by a lot of girls. You can compare this picturesque spot with a social- media feed. The restaurant’s interior is covered by lots of different flowers, a gigantic neon light, cozy wooden chairs, … which all in all creates a charming atmosphere.

When? Every day from 9am – 6pm

Where? Rollebeekstraat 30, 1000 Brussel.

Price? Between €7 and €20.

Site? www.cremebrussels.be

Watch a movie in the spectacular ‘Palace’

Situated in the Anspachlaan, this appealing construction from the 20th century (1913) offers you the opportunity to appreciate a magical time in the theatre. The Palace is the oldest, but also the biggest one of Belgium, which makes it authentic and atypical. It has the capacity of welcoming 2500 seats. There is even place for an orchestra. So, not only brand-new movies are displayed here, but also captivating music festivals. That is the reason why Palace the perfect location is for you girls, to enjoy a cinema-date with your crush or even with your best friends!

©De Standaard

When? Every day

Where? Anspachlaan 85, 1000 Brussels

Price? Less than €10

Site? https://cinema-palace.be/nl/evenementen

Keep calm and go shopping

The most important activity for a girl is without a doubt, shopping! Find all the stores you desire in the ‘Rue Neuve / Winkelstraat’. This famous street has a length of 600 meters from the Rogier square until the Munt square. Find plenty of your favorite stores as WE, Zara, HEMA, C&A, … At the side of the Rogier square people can notice the famous City 2. This shopping center is qua area one of the hugest of Belgium. It has a broad offer of shops you can discover. The center City 2 has in total six levels. After your intensive shopping adventure, you can go for a snack or for a drink at the ground floor. Take a delicious smoothie at ‘Guapa’ or go for a famous hamburger in the ‘Five Guys’ or on the other hand, have a healthy meal in the ‘Exky’. You have also the opportunity to go at the grocery store. 

When? From Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm, Closed on Sunday

Where? Nieuwstraat 123, 1000 Brussel

Site? https://www.city2.be/

If you desire more expensive clothing stores, than the ‘Avenue Louise / Louizalaan’ will be more appropriate. It has a length of 2,7 km. It is one long, straight street between Brussels and Ter Kamerenbos. The avenue was built in 1847 and is named by the oldest daughter of former King of Belgium, Leopold 2. Here, you will find not only plenty of shops, but also some historical monuments and lots of foreign embassies. Warm up your credit card in the ‘Zara Home’, ‘Hugo Boss’, ‘Michael Kors’, ‘Guess, Pull and Bear’, ‘Calzedonia’, …  

The ones for whom shopping is an addiction, here is a very interesting address, where it is impossible to get out of the store without anything between your hands. The shop is called Kure. It is directed by a businesswoman called, Cyrielle. She is an influencer who knows everything about fashion. In her little treasure you will find all the new trends of the year. Cyrielle is especially specialized in Scandinavian brands like; Ganni, Just Female, Samsoe and Samsoe, … Not only amazing cloths are available in this store but also magnificent jewels. Cyrielle is loved by a lot of women for her kindness. She is known for the honest advice she always gives to her customers. We can surely compare her with a personal shopper. So, don’t hesitate to come and take a look at the favorite pieces of Cyrielle.


When? From Monday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Where? Boulevard de Waterloo 13A, 1000 Brussel

Site? https://kurebrussels.com/

Go for a pick-nick in ‘the Parc Cinquantenaire’

Another type of activity to make sure that your time spent in Brussel will be even better, is a joyful pick-nick in the famous ‘Parc Cinquantenaire’. It is a perfect way to enjoy Brussels’ environment. A moment of relaxation and small talks between good friends. All you need are good vibes, a blanket and a basket with your favorite snacks and drinks to savor to the fullest this historical location.

©Elisa Guns

It is an important parc for Belgium’s population. The king, Leopold 2, ordered the construction of the park in 1880. The “Parc Cinquantenaire’ was built for a special occasion, namely for the 50th birthday of Belgium’s independence since 1830. It is an idyllic spot with lots of imposing and captivating monuments, including the ‘Triumphal Arc’. You will certainly agree with me that those kinds of moments, accompanied with good friends, are the incomparable ones.

Get some self-time in ‘Labelchic’

It is important as a woman to take care of yourself. Labelchic is a perfect location that gives you a unique and personalized beauty experience. Their boutique is situated in the Dansaert in Brussel. Labelchic has wonderful artisans that only work with natural and luxury products that are at an available price for many people.

Every day, we listen to their skin concerns, advise and support them in their natural beauty shift. We are at the heart of consumers’ needs and insights.

©Downtown Dansaert

In the store you will discover different products and ingredients which’s purpose is to provide your skin with fascinating results. Labelchic proposes unique brands of different textures according with what your skin needs. The store invites you to come smell, touch and try all those products. Enjoy the gorgeous interior that makes you feel like you are in your own bathroom. This greenhouse is in possession of many plants and flowers that are also findable in all their skin products.

Finally, you can get the opportunity of having an incredible experience. Chose for an exclusive working session of 1h30 about Gua Sha. This session contains the different techniques and the multiple benefits of this treatment. At every step of the ritual you will have the chance to use 100% natural brands. This experience is accessible for 3 persons during 1h30 and costs 60 euro per person. You are able to do this every Friday and Saturday from 10 ‘o clock until 18h30.

I wanted a place, where it’s all about emotions, it’s all about experience.


When? From Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Where? Rue Antoine Dansaert 95, 1000 Brussel

Site? https://labelchic-brussels.com/pages/agency

Try something new at ‘Clement Salon’

Finally, here is the last secret location on the bucket list. It is for sure a must if you want to try a new haircut. Clement Salon is one of the most popular ones among the hair salons. The products that Clement uses are natural essential oils, powders and waxes. He only uses green biological raw materials. From now on, we can say goodbye to shampoos filled by silicones.

I offer you a very private space based on aesthetic, ethical and ecological values. I am very happy to host you in a unique, comfortable and green atmosphere. A new way to experience hairdressing!


Since 2007 haircare became a real passion for this young and talented man. He did not only work in Lille or Brussels, but also in Mumbai. On top of that, he collaborated with many editorials. With all those experiences it became important for him to bring people back from the busy city to a place of heaven and indulgent satisfaction.

This talented man offers variated services. He does not only offer a haircut to men and women, but also natural colorations, massages, natural cares, hair stylings, ‘a domicile’ hair treatments and even workshops.

When? From Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Where? It’s a secret location … For more information, call this phone number: 0032/48623524

Site? https://www.clement.salon/en/

©Marie Claire

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