A love letter to Brussels

Thanks to your smile you give strength and joy.  This is reflected in the artists dancing in the street, the notes of music, street musicians singing to soothe the hearts and revive the flames of couples; all of this making tourists wanting to extend their stay in this magnificent city.

Brussels, you welcome everyone with open arms, like a grandmother seeing her grandchildren again after so many years. You are a language paradise that is demonstrated by the names on the street signs, in two informative languages. Besides educating us, you encourage us to discover other languages and communities. The municipality of Schaerbeek takes us to Marrakech, where we learn Arabic, while the Matonge district leads us to the heart of Kinshasa and its many dialects. Anderlecht changes for a few days into a Spanish feria.

Carpet of flowers

Brussels, you are a city of art and history in which everyone loves to stroll and contemplate your wonders like the Atomium, which balls sparkle like nightclub balls in the deep night. Every two years, you spread your most picturesque carpet of flowers in the heart of your city centre. The tags on the façades of your walls express feelings of discontent and frustration; they express challenges to overcome but, above all, their victories together with you, Brussels.

Brussels, you are in the furnace, what are you up to now? Chicon gratin?  We never get tired of your traditional or gourmet dishes. You introduce us to dishes that wouldn’t even occur to us, some dining places requiring classy clothes, some others casual clothes. You also allow us to save time, thanks to the quick snacks: pitta or durum, when we don’t have the patience to wait. At any time, you invite us to have a drink in your tranquillity and simplicity. You also definitely know how to party, you can be a real partygoer at times and the most surprising thing is that you attract several cultures, like a magnet.

Brussels, it is very difficult not to let oneself be seduced by your sweet smell, enchanting us like a magical perfume. The constant smell of Brussels and Liege waffles, as well as of various chocolates: hazelnut pralines and so many other pralines that melt in your mouth like a volcano burning gently on your tongue. Because of you, I have a reason to go to the gym. I can only thank you for the many events you facilitate. Events that bring together so many people, of all types of nationalities, in one and the same place. You show me your most beautiful green spaces, like the Royal Greenhouse, where I am obsessed with the beauty of the flowers and their enchanting scent.

Brussels, you showed me the joy of life, you took me in the hollow of your arms to comfort me, we laughed more than once, and you proved me that we don’t always have to go far to find ourselves in several countries. You taught me how to have fun, by pulling me out of my shell. I will never forget the time spent by your side. When I think of you and look at our pictures, my heart beats like a drum, it’s the beating of joy.  I can only testify to the benefits you have given me. That’s why I recommend you to so many others. You are unforgettable, stay the way you are and don’t change because… you simply are the best therapy.

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