5x cozy hotspots in Brussels

° The Donuts Shop Brussels°

No need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy donuts. They’ll make your mouth water. While in the place, we don’t know where to look with all these ranges of donuts. They are home made, and made with love. Per day they can sell 150 pieces or more. There is a distinction to be made between doughnuts that are filled with cream or chocolate and donuts that have a hole in the middle. During the weekend the shop presents 3 types of doughnuts or donuts that are not usually in the menu, these are the specialities of the day. We had the pleasure of tasting these 3 flavours the day we went there:

  • Praline cream and chocolate choux
  • Almond milk and Homemade Muffin wild strawberry
  • Triple Chocolate 

° Crème °

If you are a big fan of crepes, you will probably like pancakes too. Cream, make several kinds of pancakes. All tastes, of course, are on the menu, sweet or salty. It is the ideal place for breakfast or lunch. Apart from that, they offer other varieties, such as Bowls and Toasts, which are delicious. Crème has just opened its doors five weeks ago. It is a very friendly place, decorated in a vintage style. 

° Vertigo ° Ginette °

Vertigo is very mysterious because it is hidden from view. It is necessary to pass through a small passage lit by garlands to reach the restaurant’s terrace. On this terrace the menu is displayed in white and red on a large blackboard. As you enter the restaurant, the warmth of the fireplace and the smell of wood welcome you. The interior reminds us of a cosy chalet. On the first floor we can sit on a very comfortable sofa, while enjoying a good wine and a homemade cocktail. 

° L’Atelier en Ville °

The concept of the Atelier in the city is interesting because the place is divided into two parts. On the one hand, to the left of the entrance is a very large cafeteria in an atmosphere of vegetation. It is also a workshop, where custom-made wooden tables are made. The workshop is located on the right side of the establishment.  Our attention went directly to INSTAWOOD where photos are developed on wooden blocks to attract people.

° Mamen °

Mamen is a restaurant where cheese is the staple food. It serves all kinds dishes made of cheese. It served with soup and followed by a little bread.  It is a warm and friendly place. The restaurant has just opened.

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