How to meet your future best friend

Biiiiiip- ERROR – wrong password.

My fingers quickly type a second time on the keys of the bancontact. The numbers are now so familiar to me that I don’t even have to think.

Biiiiiip – ERROR – wrong password

Now I’m confused… Am I so tired that I can’t even type my own bank code anymore? I look at the hot dog seller with a small, embarrassed smile and try my luck one last time. Very concentrated, I slowly press one by one the keys that form my bank code for 4 years now. There is no way I get it wrong this time.

Biiiiiip – ERROR – wrong password – your card is blocked.

What the heck?

What the heck?!… That’s the first thing that comes to my mind. The second one is that I am either hypnotized or that I am starting to have Alzheimer’s disease because I am 100% convinced that I have entered the correct code.

It is therefore with eyes full of incomprehension that I look at the saleswoman. Unfortunately she doesn’t know any more than I do and I have no choice but to leave the stand on an empty stomach and with my credit card blocked.

I’m racking my brains for a logical explanation but I can’t find one. And it’s when I finally decide to really look at my bank card that I realize… This is not my card… It’s not my name on the card… That’s the name of one of the persons I met tonight…

Suddenly another thought crosses my mind; if this isn’t my card, then where is mine?! My hands frantically search my pockets in search of said card but nothing is found. I’m starting to panic and my hands are getting sweaty from the stress. I can only hope that this is only a misunderstanding and that I will not find my bank account empty… I therefore start racking my brains in search of any clues that could help me clarify this case. And for that I must first answer a primordial question; what the heck happened last night?

A good trap

My kot is located near the 50th anniversary. It is a very quiet and peaceful area but the store where I do my shopping is not next door. It is therefore with a sorry look that I look at my almost empty fridge at 7 p.m.; also the time when the supermarket closes… There is a bottle of milk, a jar of mustard and a jar of jam. To my great regret it will not fill my stomach and therefore will not silence its rumbling.

Suddenly a vibration interrupts the peaceful silence that had settled in my apartment. Taking my phone in hand, I discover a message from my friend Lucas.

Hey Ines, wanna hangout tonight? I promise not too long this time, just a bite to eat or a drink.;)

I know it’s a trap, an evening with Lucas never ends calmly but I’m starving and going out a bit wouldn’t hurt me. And spoiler alerts; I’m so happy to have fallen into the trap…

To WOLF something down

Inès Cambier

“I’m getting the dishes, you get the drinks?”

“Jeps as usual”

Today we decided to test the bowls of one of the Wolf’s restaurants. “Wolf” is one of my favorite places in Brussels. It is a food market with 19 restaurants and two bars. So there is always something there that you would want to eat. I love the friendly atmosphere the place gives off. We sometimes go there with friends and we share the dishes to be able to taste everything.

The Wolf is located in the “former savings and retirement fund”, and more precisely in the counter room. The building has existed since 1943 and as lot of things as you can see in the Wolf have been reused. Old glass boxes, for example, were transformed into lamps for the main bar. The decor and history of this food market only makes me love the place even more.

“Omg I’m starving” I said receiving my dish.

“I can see that”; Lucas said to me with a sneer, “Hard day?”

Finishing the huge bite I just toke, I answer him: “Just a little stressful.”

“Would you like to have a drink at Jefke’s afterwards? Would it do you any good with all this stress?”

“Ugh I knew it, you promised me just to eat a bit no more”, I say complaining somewhat

“But can we just come say hello and go?”

“You know very well that it never works but okay why not. But just one drink!”

“Just one drink, I promise” Lucas replied with a huge smile on his face.

Just one drink

The road to the cafe is peaceful. It’s already dark and the moon is rising in the sky. The subway is almost empty; just a young intertwined couple, a father holding his daughter’s hand and a man playing the violin. We give him a coin and after a smile from him, we are on our way again.

Jefke is a small cafe located near the ulb very well known among students. It’s a weekday and the café is full. The laughter of the students echoes throughout the café. Our friends wave at us and suddenly, as if time had accelerated, I sip an almost empty glass of coke. So I finish my drink getting ready to leave when suddenly the conversation at the table next to us calls out to me… A tall, thin young student with brown hair claims to be unbeatable at chess. He is clearly very confident with a hint of arrogance.

Lucas, who was about to leave too, meets my gaze and immediately understands that this last drink will probably only be the first…

Real life Queen Gambit

“I am the best chess player in the student circle, I remain unbeaten to this day.” said the young man with a somewhat arrogant air.

Unable to restrain myself, I say to him: “Oh really? I play pretty well too, you want to play a game and see if you can remain undefeated?”

A grin settles on his lips and he answers me very confidently; “Of course, but prepare to be beaten to the bone.”

I feel my smile grow and with an amused look I challenge him; “I wouldn’t be so sure if I was you! Wanna bet?”

And once again it is confident that he tells me the rules of the game. “Each peace taken equals a shot which must be taken by the opponent and the loser pays the next round. Deal?”

Never backing down from a challenge; it is with a big smile that I answer him “deal”


The young man looks at me speechless.

“You okay?”I ask him confused

He looks at me for a few more seconds before starting to drink the shots he has left, one by one but at a monster speed.

“wow”, I exclaim “chill down”

“We’re doing one more”, he tells me, “as promised, I’ll pay for the rounds and I’ll drink what you’ve won.”

“I just wanted to prove that you weren’t unbeatable, not that you’re going to collapse under the table if you continue like this,” I said, laughing.

He looks at me and I can see the competitive lust in his eyes: “What, to afraid to lose?”

And I’m way to competitive to not accept the challenge… So we go again…

…and again…

Why is there a cat?

I wake up with the sun in my eyes and a cat staring at me. I realize after a few moments that I am not at home, but at my friend Lucas. He’s the one who probably brought me back… The end of the evening is very blurry but I know we played too many chess games. My stomach rumbles and I decide to hit the road and get myself a hotdog…

Inès Cambier

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