A Korean speciality in the heart of Brussels

Have you ever heard of corn dog? It probably rings a bell if you watched a lot of American shows. But Korean corn dogs are made differently, and that’s what Tokkebi offers in their newly opened restaurant.

Tokkebi opened their doors not longer than a year ago with an exceptional idea which is Korean corn dogs. They started as a small business but the hype on social media especially TikTok made their business work way better than expected. I went to try it myself and have an opinion on it and see if the hype really is worth it.

The restaurant is located near the Grand Place in the Spoormakersstraat. It’s a very small restaurant with no seats. You basically can only take away, which is a first inconvenient. They have most of the time a queue for the order and when I went they were a few people in front of me, but the service is very fast. Then you can order your corn dog, you have many possibilities. First you choose your base, it can be a full sausage or mixed with something else. Mind you the meat is Halal which is a good thing for Muslims. Then you can choose your batter, it can be the classic Korean dough or potatoes, spicy Cheetos chips or cereals. And the last step is your topping sauce. They have a large choice of sauces, so you can’t miss on that. A corn dog is between €6,30 and €7,00 depends on how many topping sauces you choose and what kind of sausage. They offer drinks if you want to add that to your order too.

The price is reasonable because I was not expecting it to be this good. I never had a corn dog before, and I really enjoyed it. If you are a big fan of street food, I would definitely recommend it. If you are not into take-away food this place might annoy you because once you get your order, and you’ll like to sit down and enjoy your corn dog, that’s not going to be easy in the street where it’s located. They also don’t open every day. If you want to enjoy your Korean corn dog, you can visit the restaurant from Wednesday to Saturday. Be careful on the opening hours, they open from 12pm to 4pm then close for one hour and reopen from 5pm to 8pm.

I would definitely go back and try different combinations with my corn dog.

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