WOLF: a food sharing experience

Maybe you’re already familiar with the concept of food sharing. This is a concept where socializing and good food stand central. Various dishes are placed on the table and shared, so that everyone can taste each dish and conversations are spontaneously initiated. Whether you’re already a big fan or have yet to discover it, be sure to continue reading, because I have discovered the perfect place for you!

The concept

Walk a few minutes from the central station and you’ll find “Wolf”. This gigantic foodmarket used to be a bank, but in 2019 it was transformed into one of Brussels best culinary hotspots. Wolf features a food sharing concept with streetfood from all over the world. 

Enter the big building through the inviting glass doors and you’ll find 19 small restaurants, a large centrally- located bar, a micro-brewery and lots of seating. From sushi and poké bowls to freshly made pasta, but also Syrian cuisine and Belgian waffles: wolf has it all

I had seen Wolf pass by on social media a few times before but had never been there myself. My first experience there was very impressive: as soon as you enter, the eclectic decor strikes you. Many of the building’s original elements have been recycled or reused, creating a busy, colorful interior.

The food

Another thing that struck me was the heat and bustle of the 19 different small restaurants. There is so much choice that you don’t know where to look first. We decided to browse around the different restaurants for a bit to get a better overview of the many choices that were available. All the food is prepared right in front of you: the pasta is freshly cut, and the bread is baked in a stone oven. After much hesitation, I decided to try “My Tannour”, the Syrian-Lebanese cuisine. You could choose from various dishes with meat, but I also noticed that there was a wide selection of vegetarian options, which I liked very much. I decided to go for a dish with authentic falafel. this consisted of homemade bread, the falafel, garlic sauce and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, and carrot. the dish itself was €10, but you can add a lot of other stuff that will cost you a small supplement. I chose grilled eggplant, grilled peppers, feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. all together it came to about €16, which I think is a reasonable price considering how much it was. The food itself was very delicious. the falafel and bread were freshly made, and you could taste that. I’ve eaten a lot of falafels but dare to say this one was the best I’ve ever had. Definitely worth another visit! 

How to order?

What I like about Wolf is that you don’t have to wait in a long queue to order your food. They have a special system where you can order your food through a qr code. It’s very simple: you scan the qr code and order what you want from each restaurant. Everything is paid for at once: that’s easy because you don’t have to make several payments. Each restaurant prepares your food and sends you a text message when you can pick it up. But there is also another solution for people who don’t want to use this method. You can just order your food at the restaurant itself. After payment you get a buzzer that you can take to your table. When this buzzer goes off, your food is ready and you can pick it up. Not only the restaurants but also the central bar work this way. Very handy to avoid long waiting lines! 

Wolf is highly recommendable for anyone who likes international cuisine and an innovative concept. My first experience here was very pleasant: it is a nice environment to spend time with your family and friends, the staff is friendly and above all, the food is delicious. I will definitely return to try the other restaurants, and I hope you will too!



Rue du fossé aux Loups 50 / 1000 Brussels

Opening hours

Open 7/7 & 12h – 22h


@wolf.bxl / https://www.wolf.brussels

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