24 hours on the go in Ixelles

Ixelles, also known as the African quarter: Matongé. The side of Brussels where culture, color and lifestyle come together. Most people have their own opinions about Brussels and if they tend to visit it, it’s limited to “Grand-Place” or “Manneke Pis”. Few realize that Brussels is more than just the city center, so let me change that thought by taking you on a 24-hour trip in Ixelles.

Where it begins

After taking the train to Bruxelles-Central from wherever you’re coming, will be the first place where you get to see what life in Brussels is about according to most people. When you leave the station, no matter what time it is, there will always be tramps in front of the station playing chess or smoking weed. Just know that this isn’t the same everywhere in the city. The next step of the journey is to get in Ixelles. On the right side of the station, you’re going to take bus 71 to Delta and get off at the bus stop “Quartier Saint-Boniface”. It will take you around 15min to get to Ixelles, make sure to wear a mask on the bus because these are still mandatory.

Parc Du Viaduc

©Zita Beckers

Now that you’ve arrived in Ixelles, the trip can finally begin. The first activity that I have planned for you is a picknick, so I hope you’re hungry and in the mood for some sun. I suggest you go to the Delhaize, which is near the bus stop to get food, because what’s a picknick without good snacks right? After doing that I want you to look up “Parc Du Viaduc” on google maps and go there, it’s about 10min walking.

©Zita Beckers

The reason why this parc is the perfect place for a picknick is because it’s quiet and not known by many people which makes it not very touristy, most of the people you will see there are locals. The parc is not big, but there’s plenty room to sit, relax and enjoy how beautiful it is.

A glimpse of art

Now that you’ve eaten and relaxed for a bit, it’s time for some art. The next stop on our trip is “Musée des Beaux-Arts”. Here are the most important visual arts of the country kept. The museum primarily preserves paintings, but also sculptures and drawings. It sucks you out of the outside world and right into the artistic world. It’s a great museum to visit, both for art lovers and for those who do not. Simply because you can decide on your own which parts of the museum you want to visit.

©Zita Beckers
©Zita Beckers
©Zita Beckers

Ready for some African culture?

What definitely can’t be missed is to soak up a bit of African culture. The perfect place for that is in “Galerie Matongé”. It is a small shoppingcenter with barber and wig shops, African clothing stores, nail salons, jewellers and so much more. The things that create the African atmosphere are the artworks on the walls, the african music playing in the background and the women who try to convince you to let them braid your hair.

Curious about the hotel?


Where you’ll be spending the night is “Moxy”, near the bus stop from earlier. The hotel is described as hip and modern, the rooms as comfortable and hygienic. Upon arrival, the guests are offered a complimentary aperitif and get a tour of the hotel. Apart from the fact that it is very centrally located, you will not be bothered by noises from outside. The hotel has its own restaurant, fitness center, bar and the employees speak English, French, Italian and Dutch.

Since there is a restaurant in the hotel, it makes the most sense that you eat dinner at the hotel. Their menu is quite varied, you can choose a burger with fries as well as carpaccio or a steak. The average price for a whole meal with drinks is €35 and you can always ask the chef for a custom dish.

Let’s take a step into the nightlife of Brussels

We don’t sleep, we dream

Bloody Louis
©Bloody Louis

For this part of the trip, I have two options for you, just because not everyone can enjoy the same nightlife. First option is to go to “Bloody Louis”, which is a club known for hosting the biggest parties in the city and to welcome some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The club is a 7-minute walk from the hotel, so you can go back whenever you like. The entrance does cost 10€ but that’s not surprising since people like Drake, Post Malone and Travis Scott have already performed. It’s the perfect place to have an unforgettable night.

©Zita Beckers

Another option is for those who would rather enjoy the sunset with some drinks than going to a club. The best place in Ixelles to do this is at “Place Poelaert”. Situated on top of a Brussels hill with a beautiful panoramic view over the city of Brussels. If you look closely, you can even see the Atomium in the distance. Mostly there’s entertainment provided by local street artists and in the summer, Brussels organizes a temporary summer bar with deckchairs. Definitely worth it!

The perfect hangover brunch

©Zita Beckers
©Zita Beckers

As a final part of the trip and probably the most important one after going out last night, is breakfast/lunch. This will be taking place at “Le Pâtissier”, just on the corner of the street. It’s a small business, where you can only get freshly made things. They have freshly made coffee, orange juice, cakes and pastries, quiche, sandwiches and salads. You can sit inside but also outside on their terrace, the employees are very friendly and always willing to give you extra explanations if necessary.

Back to where it began

Can you believe that the trip is already over? Unfortunately, I’m going to have to let you do your own thing from now on. If you want to get back to Bruxelles-Central you just take the bus at “Quartier Saint-Boniface” again, but on the other side of the road. Bus 71 to Brouckère will take you back to the station. For those who haven’t had enough, should definitely check out one of these cafés: Le Cocq or Wokr17.

©Zita Beckers

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