4 thrift shops nearby the city center of Brussels

Thrift shopping is not only good for your wallet but also our green planet. In the last couple of years, thrifting became a huge hype in the younger generation, but you find also mature people as well. The times when people walked around in the same clothing style are almost over, being unique has taken its place. In all the big cities all around the world, you can find many second-hand clothes shops. I want to take you with me on the road through Brussels and show you some of the many thrift shops that are hidden in the capital of Belgium.

Melting Pot Kilo

The first shop that I have visited was Melting Pot Kilo. It is close to the Marriott Hotel which is located opposite the Brussels Stock Exchange. Just for 15 euro, you can get one kilogram of vintage clothing. Advantageous, is it not? The store has a mystical atmosphere as if you have to explore. And you do that! The place is full of bright colors. Clothes are arranged by type and by color. That makes your search easier. Although the music that was played was not my type, it sounded like the subliminal hypnosis music, it still made a relaxing and pleasant feeling when shopping. Melting Pot Kilo is a chain of stores with 3 locations in Belgium. There is a shop in Antwerp and 2 in Brussels. The other shop in Brussels is at Hoogstraat 154, close to the well-known Palace of Justice.

  • Adress: Visverkopersstraat 2, 1000 Brussels
  • Website: https://meltingpotkilo.com/
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Saturday: 10:30 – 18:30
    • Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00

City Store Vintage

Every school day, before Covid-19 of course, I passed past this shop on my way to school but never I have noticed that there is a shop. A big store, again nearby the Brussels Stock Exchange, at the busy Boulevard Anspach. Interior was not exactly special, but sometimes that is not the most important. On the two large floors, you will find plenty of interesting pieces that surely will enrich your wardrobe. You really need to take your time to search for what you want, but I am sure that you will find something that will get your attention.

  • Adress: Anspachlaan 103, 1000 Brussels
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00
    • Sunday: 11:00–19:00

Les Petits Riens

While being in Les Petits Riens I did not know the store has so deep and meaningful mission. The revenue that is earned with sold clothes will go to the homeless people in Belgium. The organization not only helps homeless people but also families in precarious situations. Walking through Brussels, and in particular, nearby the South Station, you can see how many people are in need. Moving on to my experiences, the shop is very spacious and was very neat when I was there. I was there with my younger brother and one thing that he said about the music and the particular song that was played in the shop was: “what for AliExpress version of Blinding Lights is this?”. He said that because a cover of this song was played, but it did not bother me at all. To my surprise, there was also a second-hand books section, which I really adored. Similar to the first store that I visited, Melting Pot Kilo, this one is also a chain. There is a second location at Kleermakersstraat 11, nearby the Brussels Stock Exchange.

  • Adress: Maurice Lemmonierlaan 20, 1000 Brussels
  • Website: https://petitsriens.be/
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Saturday: 10:30 – 18:00

Thrift Store

To my surprise, this is my favorite store and I will definitely come back when I go shopping in Brussels again. A store full of interesting clothes where everyone is sure to find something, Thrift Store is tiny but it was so pleasant to be there. I was welcomed by a friendly man and even though he was wearing a mouth mask I could see his smile. He offered me some sweets and chocolates as a welcome gift. Students receive a 25% discount which is great because we all know that we, students, are always on a budget. I should warn you because you cannot pay with a card, but there is an ATM nearby. With your purchase, you can choose two free headgear, which is always nice. Everyone loves free things, right? The store is greatly situated near the stop of tram 3, 4 and 32.

  • Adress: Fontainasplein 24, 1000 Brussels
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday – Friday: 10:00–19:00
    • Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00

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