Chez Béri

Best for: spend a warm evening

From burgers to ribs you will find your pleasure at Chez Béri! This halal restaurant near the centrum cooks with bio ingredients. Their price range for the main dish is between €11 and €21. Everything is homemade and fresh. Their best seller is the red velvet cake, everyone going there has at least once taken it as dessert. My advice is to take their Cayenne burger, their Béri style fries with the truffle sauce, as a dessert pistachio tiramisu. To drink their creole juice which is composed of mango, banana, and kiwi is a must! Their Virgin Mojito’s are mostly ordered by the customers. Their best seller is the red velvet cake, everyone going there has at least once taken it as dessert. I love to go there on a Thursday after college or on a workday, to decompress. They are open every day, Monday to Thursday from 6 p.m until 11 p.m and Friday to Sunday from 5 p.m until 11 p.m. Address: Rue Haute 189, 1000 Brussels


Best for: a brunch

If you hadn’t had time to eat breakfast, and it is already lunchtime you might just want to have brunch. If you are looking for it, Macadamiam is the perfect place. It is a family restaurant open since December. Since then they are doing well they got a lot of customers and their food is excellent. They got a lot of different types of breakfast and lunch meals. Their cuisine is a combination between American, French, British, and Moroccan. I personally often take the breakfast “Croque Macadiam”, which is a toast with melted cheese with turkey ham, and salad. Their price range is between €2,00 and €12,50, besides being affordable it is delicious. Their opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m until 6 p.m and on the weekend from 10 a.m until 6 a.m. Address: Chaussée de Ninove 49, 1080 Brussels

Café De La Presse

Best for: grab a drink and play

Café De La Presse is a café located in Louise. You can surely grab a drink there, but it is also known for the games you can play there, like chess games. I like to go there when I want to spend a nice afternoon with a friend and play. They got lots of different drinks. You can find them there as cold drinks: milkshakes, smoothies, mixed juices, iced drinks, or fresh juices. For hot drinks, they got: lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, chai’s, teas, and hot chocolates. You can also eat there, but they are more known to grab a drink. Their price range is between €2,60 and €5,50. They are open every day, from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m 30 until 8 p.m and on the weekend from 8 a.m 30 until 8 p.m. Address: Avenue Louise 493, 1000 Brussels

Café Capitale

Best for: enjoying alone time or work

It is a typical Brussels café in the centrum, near Grand Place. If you still have work to submit and want a calm place to work and grab a drink, you found the place to be. You can even go there to enjoy some time alone while reading a book there as I do. When I go there I like to order their ‘Capuccinut’, which is a cappuccino with hazelnut and banana bread. Their price range is between €2,80 and €4,70. They also sell coffee packets coming from different countries like Ethiopia and Venezuela. They are open every day from 8 a.m 30 until 6 p.m. Address: Rue du midi 45, 1000 Brussels

Bouquinerie Thomas

Best for: read a book

You will never leave this bookstore before buying a book. This bookstore looks tiny from the outside, but the inside is huge. They got many different hallways full of books. When I want to find a new book, I go there to find one. I spend some afternoons reading books in the bookstore, the owner is friendly and will not mind him seeing someone read a book in the store. Whenever you want to empty your mind, I will advise you to go there. It may not be everyone’s favorite activity, but it is one I enjoy and I am chill about it. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m until 7 p.m. Address: Rue Froissart 13, 1040 Brussels


Best for: a picnic

To go for a promenade or have a picnic, Cinquentenaire is ideal for a moment with friends. I have always gone there with my family as a kid. It is a habit that I now have to go with my friends. My friends and I love to throw a picnic whenever it is sunny. I also go there when I want to run and listen to some music. What is great about this park is that it also got a lot of restaurants and bars around it, so you can go eat or grab a drink after a moment there. The park self got a bar in it. Address: located between Schuman and Merode

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