Say cheese to the new place in town!

A cosy concept with various cheese dishes and portions to share with friends and colleagues with a glass of Aperol Spritz.

Mamen is a restaurant to add to your foodie bucket list. If you love cheese and are looking for a cosy new spot to hang out with friends and colleagues, or just by yourself while reading a book, then Mamen is the right place for you! I used to walk every single day past this building to go to class, until I realised that they were renovating and that a new concept would open soon.

One day, I told my friend “we need to check this place out”, without knowing what kind of restaurant it was. I never even thought to do a review about this place!

It all happened by accident. One day, during lunch break, my friend and I decided to go to Mamen for lunch. As soon as I walked in, I saw this beautiful blue wall with different picture frames and mirror on it and I could see that they really thought about the décor and every single detail.

One day, I told my friend “we need to check this place out”

They work with an à la carte menu, but also have a daily lunch menu for €13, which includes a starter and main course. That day we chose the lunch menu that consisted of a carrot soup and mac and cheese. The lunch came to €17 euro each, including drinks. The service was outstanding, the lady welcomed us with a big smile and showed us our table. She was happy to explain the menu and suggested us the lunch menu. The mac and cheese alone was a revelation for me. I love pasta and just adore cheese, but I’ve never eaten mac and cheese before. I loved it! It was so creamy and I could taste the different cheeses in the freshly made white sauce.


For us, students, €13 euros for starter and main course is a steal. There is nothing better than a hot meal that tastes good and is freshly made. I would suggest them not to bring the starter and main course at the same time, because by the time I finished my starter, my mac and cheese was cold and it wasn’t very pleasant to eat, although it tasted amazing. You should give Mamen a chance, and I promise that you will love it!

Rue Van Artevelde 53
1000 Brussels
0492 12 96 96

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