Belgium is known for its chocolate, waffles, fries,… but also for its beer! And Brussels is the ideal place to taste Belgium’s best beers in all kinds of different and unique pubs. In this blog I will show you which bars should be on your bucket list when visiting our capital.

1. Delirium Café Brussels

This bar, located only 5 minutes away from Manneken Pis, is a must when you are in Brussels. The Delirium Café offers more than 2000 beers and in 2004 even got into the Guinness World Records for the number of beers available for tasting. Trappists, strong brown beers, fruit beers, local Brussels beer and even international beers. You name it all, they have everything. Because of the location and the popularity of this bar it might be difficult to find some place to sit down. Try to come early enough so you don’t have to worry of not having place. Enjoy and I challenge you of trying the most different kinds of beer possible!

©Delirium Village

2. Poechenellekelder

Welcome in the Poechenellekelder. This bar may look a bit creepy from the outside, but it’s well worth the visit. In the inside you can see all kinds of puppets that were used in the cellar of the bar for theatre performances. Now they are just hanging on the walls making the bar very unique. Even though Pochenellekelder is located in the heart of the city, the owner tries to keep its traditional and local feeling. The regulars of the bar are still local guilds. Beer lovers can enjoy a variety of different and quite old beers. If you are feeling hungry you can try some of the local cheese, which is called eittekeis, on some bread.

© Poechenellekelder 2022

3. A la Mort Subite

A la Mort Subite is more known for its gueuze. Gueuze is a type of lambic and means that the beer will taste more sour and cider-like and is even sometimes called “Brussels Champagne”. For more than a hundred years the bar is owned by the family Vossen and they will welcome you with open arms in their authentic 1910 interior. Be sure to try one of their own gueuze beer as well as other great Belgian beers. The atmosphere and the Louis XVI style interior will make you fall in love with A la Mort Subite and especially with the people of Brussels.

Café La Mort Subite Brussel
© TripAdvisor

4. Le Cirio

Be sure to sit inside in Le Cirio, because the interior hasn’t changed since 1886. The art-nouveau architecture will make your jaw drop. Le Cirio is known to be more of a brasserie and restaurant rather than a bar. But don’t worry, besides having very good food they also a have a wide selection of different beers and other alcoholic drinks. Le Cirio is located next to the iconic Beurs (stock exchange) building, which is located along the Anspachlaan. This means you couldn’t be more in the center than that.

Le Cirio - Bruxelles ma Belle | Découvrez Bruxelles en musique
©Bruxelles Ma Belle

5. Het Goudblommeke in Papier

Het Goudblommeke in Papier, or the paper golden flower in English, has a particular story. Near the end of the second World War, this bar was taken over by an artist called Geert Van Bruaene. Because of that the bar quickly became a meeting place for other well-known artists such as Rene Magritte. Also Georges Rémi (known as Hergé) and famous Flemish poet and writer Hugo Claus became regulars in the bar. Even to this day, ‘t Blommeke wants to be known as a cultural bar where people can exchange stories and discuss their artistic experiences. Go inside and you will feel like you are entering history. There might be some music as well so dance and enjoy a beer.


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