The 4 most original restaurant concepts in Brussels

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Cook & book

The first concept I have to share with you is the cook and book concept. You must be thinking what is this place, don’t panic I’ll explain it to you right away.

In this place, you can simply eat and read a book at the same time. It’s a big bookshop with many books at your disposal. You can also just have a drink around all these books.

At various times during the year, the restaurant also organises events such as book signings by well-known authors. For music lovers, there are also instruments at your disposal like a piano.

Address : Chaussée de Waterloo 1357, 1180 Brussels

Website : Cook & Book – Restaurant & Librairie (

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Bad by La Parisienne

I’m going to take you now to a completely pink world with the restaurant Bad by la Parisienne. This restaurant offers you a wide menu with a lot of inspiration from Asia.  This restaurant is known for having just delicious food and for having a crazy atmosphere every night.

Every party has a theme, during Halloween for example the waiters are dressed up which brings a nice atmosphere and satisfies the customers. During the year, if you visit this restaurant you can find dancers, singers and also very Instagrammable places to take pictures. In the restaurant, there is also a special floor for chicha. This place is also very atmospheric.

Address : Rue Dejoncker 46, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Website : Bad by La Parisienne – Commander un repas en ligne à Sint-Gilles (

Le chalet Robinson


What if I told you that you could eat in the middle of a lake here in Brussels?

Chalet Robinson offers you a real corner of paradise to enjoy a unique moment. An authentic setting with a restaurant where you can enjoy a generous menu made up of quality, local and fresh products, we’re a friendly and human team does its utmost to satisfy your gourmet desires!

Do you have an event like a wedding, a birthday or other? It is possible to privatise the place to spend an incredible day.

To access the restaurant you need a boat. On foot or by car is unfortunately not possible. The price for taking the boat is 1 euro.

Address : Sentier de l’Embarcadère, 1 – 1000 Bruxelles

Website : Restaurant Chalet Robinson – Accueil



I think I’ve found the craziest concept you can find in Brussels. Have you ever heard of a restaurant where you eat and wash your laundry at the same time?

This concept is great for people who want to save time. Enjoy your good meal and run a machine at the same time, a time saver no?

The restaurant specialises in bagel burgers and their delicious breakfast. You can also find their popular sweet potato wafers on the menu.

The price for washing + drying is 5 euro, indeed the price is very interesting!

Address : Rue Henri Maus 45, 1000 Bruxelles

Website : WASBAR | restaurant & laundry

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