A hidden gem for fashion lovers

Vintage shopping has been a passion for me for quite some time now, I really love styling unique pieces and it’s even beneficial for the environment. Do you also like to go thrifting or is it something that you would like to try? Then the Brussels Vintage Market is the place to be!

©Zita Beckers

What is it about?

Every first Sunday of the month, Brussels organizes a large vintage market from 11:00 to 18:00 at See-U. When walking in, you are immediately sucked into the retro atmosphere and you would like to be able to see all the clothes at once, but obviously that’s not possible. The market takes place in a big hall with booths from different sellers, some sell only clothes which usually goes from 80s & 90s to street and sportswear. However, there are also accessories, such as jewelry or bags, to find at certain booths.

©Zita Beckers

The vintage market has a large choice for shopping, but that’s not all. When you go outside there’s a bar where you can eat and drink something. In the winter it’s not so enjoyable because of the cold weather and you can only drink or eat a little snack, but during the summer there are also food trucks and live music where you can relax after digging thru all those clothes.

©Zita Beckers

What about the prices?

Looking at the prices, you could say that they are kind off miscellaneous. It really depends on what kind of piece you buy and especially if it’s from a brand or not. It varies from around 5€ to 60€ per piece but if you search well enough, you’ll definitely find some good pieces!

Pro tip: Go on time or else all the good stuff will already be gone.

How to get there?

The event is pretty easy to reach, it’s near the station of “Etterbeek” so there are several ways to go there. Option one is to take bus 95 from “Trone” or “Porte de Namur”. Another option is to just go by foot which will take you around 30 minutes or if you really want to do something typical about Brussels, you can always take the step.

What else?

Something that’s a bit of a drawback is the fact that you can only try on the item properly after you have purchased it. At the booths there are mirrors where you can try on something over your other clothes, but the problem with that is that you can’t, for example, try on pants. Outside the hall where the market is, there’s another building where the fitting rooms are and you can only enter them after buying something.

Another tip: Make sure you bring some cash because most of the sellers don’t take payments by card.

PS: Make sure to check out the tiktok I made :))


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