Be at ease and do what you please at AUB-SVP

Looking for a quiet, yet incredible coffee bar in the bustling heart of Europe: Brussels. When all the other coffee bars have reached full capacity, AUB-SVP café De Markten won’t leave you hanging even on the busiest days.

AUB SVP is located near Muntplein/Place de la Monnaie and the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert. They’re a sustainable bar/restaurant and therefore mostly serve vegan and vegetarian options. This makes their food and drinks a bit expensive but definitely priceworthy. Try out the freshly baked toasts and the rich flavored tea! My favorite toast is the avocado with paprika powder and watercress on top. Don’t forget to add the juicy lemon for a fresh aftertaste. Take a look at the photo, because you know what they say: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words!’.

© Jinte Frederix

I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the overall slow experience that completely eases my mind. The staff is friendly and laid-back, sometimes a bit slow, but I feel that this makes the break from the hustle and bustle more enjoyable. The place is decorated with many green plants and at the back is a large window that lights up the entire room with natural light. On warmer days, when the front and back doors are open, a light summer breeze blows by and gives you goosebumps. Making you think wow, this is LIFE!

© Jinte Frederix

Both the exterior and interior have an industrial feel to them. To give you an idea: concrete walls, dark brown tables and chairs that are symmetrically placed, dark-colored floor and so on. The place itself is narrow and the tables are small and round, which could be inefficient for large groups.

Good news for all the students because AUB-SVP has a fast and free WIFI connection, which makes it an optimal study spot. Simply ask for the password and you’re good to go. AUB-SVP is the ideal excuse to finish that long-awaited assignment of yours that you postponed until the last few days, we’re all guilty of procrastination…

In the past, the building housed a jeweler, a photoshop and years later it became the second entrance of ‘Cinéma de la Monnaie’. Let’s thank the architects who managed to transform the concrete entrance into the remarkable bar we cherish and love while embracing its background and typical features. Did I mention that even the toilets are stunning? Yes, I know you’re thinking: Since when are toilets pretty? Don’t believe me, come see them for yourself.

Don’t forget to check out their website or Facebook page for more information regarding their address and opening hours.

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