A local’s guide to het Meetjesland

Where to eat

© De Statie – Maldegen

The heart of the city center Maldegem is home to an antiquated train station. Between the rusty, abandoned trains covered in flaky paint there’s a small bistro-cafe called De Statie. When you walk through its creaking doors, you’re welcomed by the friendly smiles of the owners behind the bar. On your left hand side you enter the authentic bistro. Due to the contrast between the dark grey colored walls, the warm welcoming lights and velvet pillows you get an excessively comforting vibe. On the menu of this cozy bistro are some delightful burgers, pastas and if you’d like a healthier choice, adopt for one of their salads. Enjoy your meal with a craft-brewed Belgian beer or a fruit-filled wine. Now dig into your dinner while you overhear the cars passing by on the ancient cobblestone road.


Where to drink

© Bar de Q – Eeklo

In one of the many alleys in Eeklo is a hidden bar called Bar De Q. The red and black interior makes it feel like you’re in a luxurious bar in the middle of a big, crowded city. On a lovely summer evening you can enjoy your drinks in the snug inner courtyard where glistering lights welcome you in one of the soft sofas.  Speaking of the drinks, how do you feel about a sour Caipiroska, a classic Mojito or an exotic Pina Colada? The list of flavorful, handcrafted cocktails is endless! And what goes better with a lavish, fruity cocktail than finger-licking tapas? All to be found in this inviting bar.

– http://www.bar-de-q.be/

What to do

Drive through the streets of the modest, rural village called Adegem. Hidden between some threes you’ll find the Canada Poland War Museum. Visiting the museum will only cost you the small price of 7 euros and it’s worth it! Gaze at the realistically made wax figures and relive the horrendous circumstance soldiers had to survive in while you walk through the museums narrow hallways.

If you have time left, make sure to make a detour along the Prins Boudewijnlaan. Here you can visit the Canadian war cemetery. Seeing all those white tombstones can be very chilling and might send shivers down your spine but it will also remind you of how many people fought till their deaths for our freedom. Such a memorable place is definitely worth the visit.

– http://www.canadamuseum.be/

Where to unwind

Where better to relax than in the middle of the raw, untouched nature? Find your inner peace by walking through the stunning, calming woods called het Drongengoed. Here you can enjoy one of the many cycling our hiking routes. And if you’re a real animal admirer, ride through the forest on the back of a majestic horse. When walking here the only thing you hear are the birds chirping and the branches crunch underneath your feet. Tired and thirsty of your long adventures in the forest? Grab a drink in the old ranch called ‘het Jagershof’, right in the middle of the forest.

© Drongengoedbos – Kleit

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