6 (different) things to do in Brussels

Discover Brussels, city of chocolate, Belgian sprouts, comics, multiculturality, Brussels waffles and so much more. This city is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the capital of Europe. Brussels offers you the perfect citytrip.


The best way to get to know a city is simply to wander. Just go out – you might want to bring an umbrella because of the Belgian weather – and go explore. Brussels has a lot of pretty streets and cosy cafes. Who knows what you might come across. That’s the fun thing about wandering, you never know what will be around the corner and this way you can really discover a city. There is time to appreciate the architecture, have a look at the city and find hidden bits of green.


If you have the time and budget to stay in Brussels for at least one night, go for it! This way you will be able to get a taste of the entire life in Brussels. Brussels busy mornings, Brussels chill afternoons, have dinner in Brussels and enjoy the nightlife. More about that later.

Let’s talk about the real vibe Brussels has. It is a really diverse city with people from everywhere, this creates a really nice atmosphere. Brussels is the second most international city in the world, after Dubai. The city is also on the list of Global Cities. These are cities that play a crucial role in the global economy through their direct links with the international financial system and with multinationals. Brussels is by many seen as a city full of opportunities, and you can both see and feel this when walking around.

In my experience, people living or staying in Brussels are more likely to go out on the streets, this is definitely not a bad thing. This is due to the particularly small houses and apartments in Brussels and the fact that most people don’t have a yard. On a sunny day you will see people sitting in parks, children playing around,… This also gives of a really nice vibe.


Brussels is a huge city for shopaholics like me. It is a city where fashion designers and exclusive boutiques await you. For luxury goods you have to go to the upper city. With a mandatory detour through the neighbourhoods where the large retail chains have their permanent home (Nieuwstraat, Elsensesteenweg, Gentsesteenweg, etc.). There is something for everyone and for everyone’s budget!

Your shopping trip is not complete without a visit to the countless covered shopping arcades and shopping centres especially (when it rains): from the oldest covered shopping gallery in Europe to the brand new shopping district on the Kanaalzone.

And for those who are into thrift shopping, Brussels is also the place to go. With multiple cheap stores but also a lot of great quality vintage retailers.

Magritte Museum

If you’re in for a little bit of culture and art, the Magritte Museum is the perfect place to go. The museum is situated in the heart of Brussels, with more than 230 pieces. This is the most important collection in the world by the Belgian artist René Magritte. The museum shows his paintings, gouaches, drawings, sculptures, painted objects, but also his publicity posters, musical scores, photographs and films. The Magritte Museum has already won 8 nominations and prizes.

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts, almost next to the Magritte Museum is one of the most beautiful and well knows parks of Brussels. This park also offers you one of the best panorama views over the city. The park is famous for it’s white painted trees, the great fountain and a statue of king Albert. The name Mont des Arts literally means Mountain of Arts because king Leopold II wanted this to be the cultural heart of the city. Because of financial issues and lack of support the building of the arc did not take place. 8 years later, the year of the World Exhibition of 1910, the plans did take place. Afterwards, the park was redecorated and new buildings where built around. The park is a really nice place to hang out or rest for a bit, and it really has become the cultural heart of Brussels, as it is surrounded by museums.

Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)

I have to admit: I am not a really big fan of the instruments in the museum. To me, it’s more about the beautiful architecture and decoration of the building and definitely not to forget the amazing view you get from the rooftop.

The museum is well known internationally and owns a collection of more than 8000 instruments. In addition, the MIM also has a concert hall, a space for workshops, a museum shop, a library and at the top a restaurant with terrace, with a breath-taking view over the capital.

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