5 Vegan/ vegetarian spots in Brussels you have to see

Are you vegetarian, vegan or just curious about cool, instagrammable cafes and restaurants in Brussels? You’re in the right place. If you didn’t already notice that vegetarian and vegan food is a huge trend, you will learn all about it now. Come with me on a little gastronomic journey and discover exciting spots all over Brussels. 

1. Chicago café

Located near Saint Catherine, in a lively neighbourhood, you will find this rather eclectic restaurant. Outside you see a small deck which reminds a little bit of a Parisian cafe. Inside there’s interesting furniture, like the built-in wooden benches on the sides that are made up of vertical wooden panels. In a way, the interior gives off a school-vibe. Besides all of that, it’s family-friendly which you will soon notice upon entering. If you hate kids, this isn’t a place for you. Kids are very welcome and there’s even a little kid’s corner. But apart from families, this place is great for groups of friends, a date or any other occasion. The food looks and tastes delicious and the service is fast and friendly. It is not entirely vegetarian but there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • opening hours: 9h – 17h everyday
  • address: Rue du Flandre 45, 1000 Brussels


Further away from the centre of Brussels, in Elsene, right by the shopping street and next to the apple store, you will find this unique café. Its interior design is the first thing that will catch your eye, the hard contrast between the white and salmon halves of the space intrigues you immediately. Everywhere you will find quirky designs; on the menu, on their coffee packaging and more. Enjoy a cup of “The Buddy”, a signature drink with coffee, cacao butter, peanut butter and oat milk. Also, they make their nut butter, from peanut to almond. Try a soft brownie with a layer of creamy peanut butter on top. Besides the look and the vibe of this place, everything is vegan and it comes at a reasonable price.

  • opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8h30 to 18h, Friday and Saturday from 8h30 to 19h, Sunday from 10h to 18h
  • address: Rue des drapiers 10, 1050 Elsene

3. AMI

Also in Elsene, in Lebroussartstreet, this charming restaurant with a wooden exterior stands out. Walking in you will immediately get a homey feeling. It’s a small but warm place.  With only 2 people working, 1 at the counter and 1 in the kitchen, the service was quick. On the menu, with its pretty amateurish design -which only adds to the charm of this place- you will find all vegetarian and some vegan options. They have one of the most original menus I have seen, no avocado toast will be made here. They have a large selection of homemade burgers, a couple of pasta options and toasts. Their slogan is happy & veggie food, which is a rightful one at that.

  • opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 18h30 to 22, from Wednesday to Friday from 12h to 14h30 & 18h30 to 22h, Saturday: 12h-16h & 18h30 to 22h
  • address: Rue lesbroussart 13, 1050 Elsene

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

4. Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is located not far from AMI, in Baljuwstraat. With its colourful and original interior, it is one of the most instagrammable spots. Vintage posters, black and white tiles, a big blue wooden construction – that reminds of the inside of a barn – and dark wood apothecary cabinets make this place one of a kind. Even the toilet is beautifully decorated with tiles that have different prints on them. The theme is kind of an old apothecary, which is extended in the clothing of the employees. They all wear long white doctor coats. Enjoy one of their delicious bowls or make your own. If you still have some room after, try an overly delicious chocolate cookie. It’s soft, just the right amount of chewy and heavenly chocolaty. Le Botaniste is essentially a food and wine bar so -if you’re old enough of course- make sure you taste one of their wines. 

  • opening hours: Everyday from 11h to 22h
  • address: Baljuwstraat 10, 1000 Brussel


Close to Central Station, about a 10min walk, you will find TICH. A super trendy hotspot that focusses on vegan and healthy food. It’s not only a café but also a store. You can find cookbooks, t-shirts or tote bags with their logo on it and many more things. So, you’re killing two birds with one stone, finding a gift for someone (or yourself) while sipping on a delicious almond latte and enjoying an avocado toast. The almond milk is homemade and certainly recommended! Behind the beige-all wooden counter, you see their logo in led lights in wooden shelves. The interior is mostly made out of a soft beige wood with plants and hints of colour here and there. Businesspeople, people on a shopping trip or tourists, this place is suited for everyone. There is loads of seating place and also, very comfy chairs.

  • opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h30, Saturday and Sunday from 9h to 19h
  • address: Naamsestraat 25, 1000 Brussel

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