A new beginning in Brussels

Gastronomy has always been one of my passions, so a few months ago I saw that there was a new restaurant just five minutes from school. I was immediately interested so I started to search for any reviews online and the history of the restaurant. The story of the owners struck me and that’s why I decided to interview them. I am sure that you will all fall in love with their story as much as I did.

Benjamin Vella

Benjamin Vella, geboren in Anderlecht, opgegroeid in Tubeke en sinds zijn 12 jaar op dagelijkse basis te vinden in Brussel. Al snel had hij de kriebels te pakken en is zijn liefde voor Brussel alleen maar blijven groeien. Ben je ook benieuwd wat er volgens Benjamin zo bijzonder is aan Brussel? Je leest het hier!

Culture is like salad, the best one is mixed

“Whoever has a little more, gives” Ahmed Ben Abderrahman takes hospitality to the next level. Ben is Belgian with Moroccan origins. He is the owner of the Mozart hotel downtown Brussels. He offers shelter and food to refugees and people in need. Lately climate strikes have dominated the news, although equally important, we stopped talking […]

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